Scrap my Car for Cash


WeBuyCarsToday would buy any car that you have. And when we say any car, we do mean any set of wheels; whether its scrap, junk or damaged. If you have a scrap four wheeler sitting idle in your driveway and covering up a lot of usable space, we suggest you sell it.

The process of selling your vehicle is as simple as it can get. While finding dealers, a major concern for people is putting their trust in someone. Don’t worry; there are no complicated processes and hidden charges. Read on to get to know more about us.

Get an Instant Quote and Sell your Scrap Car Today!

The set price of a scrap car is usually a debatable topic amongst numerous dealers. Most of them are not sure if they’re demanding the right price. It could either be too high or too low. When you decide to sell your vehicle, it is very important to be aware of it’s real worth.

For your ease, WeBuyCarsToday has created a free online valuation system for modern wheels. Regardless of your car’s condition, all you have to do is enter your registration details, and some other essential information to complete the process.

You would receive a unique quote for your car that is carefully calculated for your particular scrap car. These prices are unique for each vehicle and not automatically generated.

The generated price may be slightly more or less. But it would give you a good idea of the price you should expect when you decide to sell your scrap car via our website.

Scrap Car Selling Process

The method of selling your scrap car at WeBuyCarsToday is pleasantly different than that provided by other companies. Our process is transparent with no hidden charges.

All you have to do is book an appointment with a company representative at an hour convenient for you. Our representative will thoroughly check the vehicle and finalize the deal.

Once the deal has been signed and sealed, you will be paid through a simple bank transaction. The representative will stay until payment has been received in full by you.

Selling your scrap car couldn’t get easier than this!