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Not sure how much your van is worth? Our free online van valuation service will give you an accurate estimate of the price of your vehicle and is simple to follow.

An offer like never before

While it is easy to find buyers for new vehicles, the same cannot be said for used and scrap vans. Not only do we offer used van valuation, but we will be more than happy to take your used van from you.

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We value speed

We understand that you might have a lot on your plate. This is why we make sure that we don’t take much of your time. We do so by delivering instantaneous services.

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Transparent van valuation

Why should I trust a van buying service to value my van accurately, you may wonder? To ensure transparency and authenticity, we get a third party to inspect your van and quote a price as well!

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Something to remember

Guaranteed satisfaction

We have streamlined our process to deliver immense satisfaction to our customers.

Accuracy ensured

Our vehicle valuation system is as neutral as it can get. This helps us in offering accurate estimates.

We take your van

Rather than dropping off your sold van to us, we take it from you.

Instant payment

If everything is in order, we transfer payments instantaneously.

No discrimination among vehicles

New, old, scrap, damaged. You can count on us to buy your van regardless of its condition.

The simplest process

Our three-step van buying process is the simplest you will find in the market.

Driven by

We began our journey in 2011 and become one of the UK’s first online van buying companies to offer free collection and instant payment for your van. Since then, we have helped over 300,000+ customers who were looking to sell their van. We pride ourselves on offering you a safe, hassle-free way to sell your van with no hidden charges.


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"Outstanding service and great price"

Happy with the sale and price given Taiwo Kusimo - a month ago

best offer and price we got after other companies had viewed- would recommend. the added value... Trusted Customer - a month ago

"price reduced but fair"

inspector said i needed 3 tyres before the next MOT. they reduced by £150 which was reasonable. Trusted Customer - a month ago

"offer was fair"

good price given Vito - a month ago




Miss Broom Renault Scenic

Happy with the process, all went smoothly. Happy with the price thanks for everything.


Mrs Gale VW Golf R32

Lovely driver, brilliant service, i was in great hands. Thanks so much


Mrs West Ford Ka

Very prompt and polite service


Mr Knott Fiat Punto

Excellent quick and efficient.


Mr Dineen Renault Clio

Driver was pleasant and polite. Happy with the service.


Miss Atka Peugeot 206

WeBuyCarsToday helped me with my car and offered me a decent price.


Mr Chowdhury Fiat Punto

Great service, good communication, quick and easy to use. Would happily use again.


Mr Waterson Audi A4

Driver was very polite and helpful. Quick and efficient transaction. Thank you


Mr Davies Renault Megane

Great service, good communication. Quick and easy to use. Would happily use again.


Mr Wiggins VW Polo

The service was great, got the best price for my car. Thank you.

Not only do we have years of experience of buying and selling vans, but we also have a plethora of customers that are willing to vouch for us. Approximately 300,000 Get us onboard to benefit from our services.

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Still have questions to answer?

  1. Enter your car registration number for a free valuation.  You will receive an email and a text message confirming our offer price.

  2. One of our dedicated team members will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time for an independent engineer to test drive your vehicle. They will confirm the documents required at the time of the test drive and will ask you to settle the appointment fee to confirm the appointment. There are NO other fees.

  3. Once the independent engineer has completed the test drive our valuations team will contact you to make you an offer for your vehicle.

  4. We aim to collect your vehicle within 24hrs of the test drive. At the time of the collection you will receive cleared funds into your account - only at that time will you hand over your keys.

We have information about vehicles that are manufactured since 1982. If you are unable to find your car on our website that’s mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Your car is not of UK origin (it’s imported)
  • It’s a commercial vehicle
  • Your car is more than 25 years old

If you can’t get an evaluation of your car from our website, kindly contact us or fill out a manual valuation form on our website and one of our representatives will contact you.

Unfortunately, we do not currently purchase cars which do not run and drive safely. The vehicle must also have a valid MOT. 

Yes, definitely. With imported vehicles, we will not be able to conduct an accurate evaluation on our website. However, you can get in touch with us at 0207 183 2311 to arrange a more precise quotation through a representative.

Presently, we only purchase cars that are registered in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. 


Yes you can, but you will need the following things:

  • Their original ID, a driving licence or passport
  • Their bank card (for payment details)
  • A signed letter of authorization from the owner of the car
  • Their credentials will also need to match the ones that are on the V5 document.

Yes, if you are legally responsible for their property. You would need to apply for a Probate Certificate which is stamped by the court. If there was a will or a Grand of Letter of Administration which is supposed to be stamped by the court if there was no will.
These are the legal documents which assure that you are the executor and have the right to dispose of the deceased’s possessions. Along with either of these papers, we will also need to see the death certificate, the V5 document for the car and also the ID to prove that you are the person responsible for the property.
There may be extenuating circumstances due to which you cannot produce some or all of the documents above. If this is the case, please call us on 0207 183 2311 as this matter may be easily resolved by a visit from our representative.

Yes you can, but you will need the following things:

  • Their original ID, a driving licence or passport
  • Their bank card (for payment details)
  • A signed letter of authorization from the owner of the car
  • Their details will also need to match the ones that are on the V5 document.

Yes, we will. If perhaps you want to keep your plates. If this is the case, you need to get in touch with the DLVA to transfer your registration to a different car or onto a retention certificate. This should be sorted out before the handover of the vehicle to us. On the other hand, you can decide to leave the private plate on the car if you do not want it back.

Don't forget you can always get in touch if you still need help
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Why Choose Our Free Van Valuation?

Not every van valuation system offers a reasonable price. The good news is that we do. Get a free van quote today and see how we have transformed the van selling process. Generate a quote online. Schedule an appointment today if you like our estimate.
This is the start of the most simplistic van selling journey of your life. By the end of it all, we guarantee that you too will join our list of happy customers.
Get your van quote today to begin.
Get started right now and sell your van the easy way

Still have questions to answer?

We will need to value your van, on the basis of its age, model, and mileage before giving you a quote.
In such a case, kindly contact our representatives who would give you a standard form to fill. We will tell you how much van is worth based on the information you provide.
Four days. If you are willing to bear a cost, it can be as instantaneous as 30 minutes!
No. You can choose just to benefit from our free van valuation system. No pressure to seal the deal!
Don't forget you can always get in touch if you still need help
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