Which Car Buying Service UK Must Be Adopted?


Gone are the days when finding a buyer for cars was a difficult and time taking task for choosing which car buying service they consider. With the advancement in technology and many businesses shifting presence on the internet; shopping has been made easier. People used to appoint professional car dealers, paid hefty registration fees and depreciation costs. But thanks to car buying services today, they have helped us in many ways. Moreover, the ease that the internet provides in buying and selling has inspired many people to start car buying services. These services operate as third parties. They buy from one party and sell to the other. Not only this, some of these services make money by selling the parts of the car. In other words, some car services would buy any car.

Be it a dead car or a scrapped one. Today, such car services can be found on the internet in numbers. Thanks to them, our hassle has been reduced. Now we can easily cut down our costs and sell the car to them. If you are based in the UK and looking to search for a car buying service, there are many options for you. Here are 7 well-renowned car buying services that you can choose from:

  1. The Car Buying Group

The Car Buying Group is fairly new since it was introduced in 2014. Although it doesn’t have much experience it is expanding fast. This UK car buying service has centers across the country and also provides the privilege of collecting the car from home. This service is known to provide instant payments and there are no additional fees.

  1. We Buy Cars Today

This car buying service provides a home collection of the car making it very feasible for you to sell your car. We Buy Cars Today launched their website in 2011 and ever since its launch they have been a significant player in the car buying services. One of the good things about the company is that they buy cars only that are valued over 450 pounds. They do provide free payments but you may incur a collection depending on the value of the vehicle you are selling.

  1. Trusted Car Buyers

Trusted Car Buyers are probably one of the most unique car services found in the UK. They allow many independent and multi-franchisee companies to directly purchase cars from the public. Cars don’t only get better prices but also avoid the auction process. This makes Trusted Car Buyers much better than the other rival car buying services. Before this car service offers you a final price; it performs a physical inspection of the car. Once gone through that, the choice is yours if you want the car to be collected for a fee or to drop it off yourself.

  1. We Buy Any Car

This is a service that has revolutionized second-hand car services, ever since it launched itself in 2006. Being 12 years old as of today, We Buy Any Car has many innovative marketing techniques which include the addition of many catchy ad-jingles in their marketing campaign. They have an online presence and customers can easily value their cars over the internet. You need to drop the car at one of their branches in the part of the country in which you live. Once you drop the car, a final inspection would be carried out by them and then you’d receive a final offer for your car.

  1. We Want Any Car

This car buying service is the direct competitor to the ‘We Buy Any Car’ car service. This car service has been operating for more than a decade in the UK now and therefore provide a strong competition to other car buying services. Their website is quite interactive and they even provide you the option of rating your car’s condition. You can drop the car at your comfort to the nearest branch. If you want the car to be collected from home then the fee would be adjusted from the amount you would get by selling the car.

  1. We Buy Cars Today

We Buy Cars Today has been operating in the UK for over 7 years. It is one of the most trusted cars buying services in the UK. They tend to buy any car. Even if it is dead or can be scrapped, We Buy Car Today will give you some cash for it. So, this means that your unwanted or useless car will be collected from your home. All you need to do is to fill out a registration form on their website and then follow three simple steps mentioned there. Free valuation of the used cars is provided on the website too. The car can be collected by them from your home. There are no charges for instant payment or car collection. However, you may incur an initial inspection fee that is between £39.99 – £99.99 which depends on the value of your car. Moreover, there are testimonials page on their website which features the personal experiences of the people who have sold their cars to them. This car service also maintains a blog for car users which gives them insights about car valuation, finding the right buyers etc.

  1. We Buy Cars for More

If you live in North East UK and want to sell your car in that region; this car buying service might be the right choice for you. Their team consists of team members who have more than 50 years of motor industry experience and hence they can provide a good valuation of your car. Just enter your details on a registration form available on their website and then you will receive an offer for the car from them. After they inspect the car, instant payment will be made. We Buy Cars for More claim that their quote for any price is unbeatable and they provide a quote that beats any rival company by at least 100 pounds.