What Can I Do With My Damaged Vehicle?


Do you have a damaged Vehicle that you want to sell but don’t know how to go about it? Are you thinking about scrapping it? Or are you thinking of getting it fixed to get a better value?

It is normal if your mind is flooded with questions and considerations about your damaged car. It can be challenging to decide how to toss off a vehicle without claiming its value. If you don’t know your options, the chances of selling off a damaged car can be very slim. Thus, the first step is to find out your opportunities and compare them to see if you can still gain something out of your damaged car.

Should you really sell it?

If your car is in a non-operating condition or had been in a nasty accident lately, you might want to sell it off immediately. If you think about repairs, collision repairs can be quite costly when compared with the value of your car in its current condition.

Indeed, selling could be a better option over repairing. But before you make that decision, it is crucial to know all your options and compare them to find the best solution for your damaged car.

How to deal with your car’s mechanical issues?

If you have recently spotted engine oil leaks, or if there’s an engine rod knock, or if the air conditioning or heating system has collapsed, then these are considered serious mechanical issues that need to be addressed right away.

Some mechanical concerns can be repaired while others can be too costly and can put quite a heavy load on your credit card. Observe the minor symptoms and see if those lead to bigger mechanical problems.

If you want to avoid the repairs and still want to sell it off, you have options.

What’s the damage like?

There can be different types and intensity of damage that you may have to deal with. From small scratches to severe accidents. If your car has collision damage, find out if it is covered by your insurance. Otherwise, it can be very costly to deal with on your own.

If your car is not covered, you might still want to stick to the decision of selling it off.

Can you find a good deal for a hail damaged car?

Hail damage can be quite brutal. You may not always be able to save your car from a natural disaster like this. Hail damage does not only ruin your vehicle from the outside but can even cause issues with running. Depending on the intensity and size of the hail, you may be required to invest thousands of dollars to get your car fixed – both physical and mechanical.

While paintless dent repair is an option to get your car back to its former look again, it may not be the most affordable option for you. In such a case, the easiest way is to toss off your car and move on. Find a dealer or a car buying company that offers you a fair value depending on the condition of your vehicle.

Is it possible to sell off a totaled car?

To give you a breath of relief, yes it is possible to sell off a totaled car. However, it may not be the easiest thing you can do.

If your car has been totaled in a collision, selling a damaged vehicle can be difficult. Private buyers and online dealers are not willing to pay money against a car in such a bad condition. You can invest to get it repaired, but it is not going to be cheap. In the end, all that investment is not even worth it.

Trying to sell it off to a salvage yard can be a frustrating task. You are either left with scrapping it or giving it away in a junkyard. But you do have one more option when it comes to selling a totaled car: car buying companies.

It is not only the easiest and quickest way to get rid of your damaged car, but you can also even get a fair value against it.

What are my options to sell my damaged car?

Right when you thought you have lost your car at a total loss, you find out about an option that could still earn you some cash against the damaged car!

Unfortunately, there are not many ways to do so for a good return. But some car buying companies are not only willing to evaluate your vehicle but are also interested in purchasing it from you. Additionally, most car buying companies also pick up the car from the location without any additional charges.

If you search online, there’s a possibility of finding many interested buyers. However, they are not willing to pay enough cash to satisfy you. No matter how damaged your car is, it’s possible to recover at least what it’s worth.

Other option includes local damaged car buyers. You can put up an ad in local newspapers or Craigslist to see if you can attract buyers offering a reasonable price. This could, however, be quite frustrating and time-consuming.

Next, you can even check out your nearest junkyard to see if you are getting anything out of it. But in most cases, junkyards often pay the lowest to be able to make the most out of your damaged car when they flip and sell it.

Is there a better and quicker way to sell my damaged car?

With all those options in hand, you may still not be satisfied selling your damaged car for pennies. This is where car buying companies come in. They are not only willing to buy your broken or damaged car but usually offer a reasonable price for it.

These companies evaluate the condition of your car to find out its current worth and offer you a price accordingly. While there are many options, WeBuyCarToday is your best bet.

Bottom Line

Whatever you decide, just make sure you always compare your options to choose the best one. Also, compare to see if selling is more lucrative then repairing your car and decide accordingly.

Last but not the least, always look for quotes online to make an informed decision. Get a free valuation of your car today to make this task hassle free and quick.