Top of the list fuel efficient cars

Gasoline prices have affected the car designs largely. In today’s economy, people prefer to buy vehicles that are fuel efficient. It is due to this fact that hybrids are largely bought nowadays. Underlined is a list of cars that are fuel efficient:

  • Toyota Pirus: It is a hybrid vehicle which costs $ 22,000. It offers 47 miles per gallon to its users. It is known to be the most fuel efficient car on the roads nowadays. This is the only car that is faster than Corolla, offers higher fuel efficiency with almost the same price tag.
  • Honda Civic Hybrid: This is another fuel efficient vehicle offering tough competition to the Pirus. It offers 42 miles per gallon and this is awesome value in every manner in current automotive market. The Pirus and the Honda have comparable prices and both of these cars are fuel efficient.
  • Nissan Altimas: It is one of the vehicles offering excellent gas mileage in gasoline as well as hybrid version. It is a two-door vehicle that offers 34 miles per gallon to its users with continuous variable transmission.
  • Kia Rio: Last but not the least are Kia Rio offering 33 miles per gallon and are offered at a price of $ 10,000.

It is wise to buy any of these cars rather than buying conventional vehicles. There are companies operating in the market that buy any car for cash. All you need to do is to visit them, sell your old car, and buy a fuel efficient car for you.

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