Top 5 Cars to Drive in Your Lifetime


To most people, automobiles these days look the same. Only a car adorer can recognize the difference between number of air bags and other car features which make them superior to other cars. People do obsess on the minor difference between the power windows and interior of the vehicle.

This was not the case back in 1960’s when you could ride an air cooled, rear-engine Volkswagen Beatle. Even the Austin mini had a tiny front engine and a front drive. So today, having so much choice and features introducing to the automotive market on a daily basis may get you confused in choosing between the best cars amongst all. You have to open up your eyes and mind in order to find something you haven’t experienced or drive before. So if you are thinking I would like to sell my car, do read the list below in order to reach to a decision. You can get used car buyers on the internet quickly, check the details with them and go for a new vehicle for yourself. It’s the right time to pamper you with a little luxury.

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To reduce this list only to five cars would be real difficult task and nearly impossible. The cars ranked below are just a personal thing, no objectivity about it.

  1. Porsche 911 line the GT3 RS 4.0-Starting from the Porsche 911, this vehicle is absolutely mind blowing. It’s an absolute beauty with having its engine in the rear wheels, and a six cylinder engine which makes it more powerful and fast.
  2. The Rolls-Royce Phantom Drop head Coupé- it has the most amazing teak wood interior cover at the back of the vehicle, which couldn’t be missed out watching in any case. So you have to try it at least once.
  3. Vanquish- one of my favorites is Aton Martins Vanquish. They are the proper cars. Coolest among them is one-77 which would be a shame if not mentioned here. I love Aston Martins. This vehicle is the combination of elegance and performance. People underestimate the performance of such cars when it comes down to comparing it with the cars which starts with F (Ferrari). You should ride it at least once before you die.
  4. McLaren MP4-12C- this is the perfect vehicle- literally Perfect- no kidding. Even a terrible driver can drive this car perfectly. It makes the bad drivers perform well, and a good driver into an excellent one. It will surely raise your pulse with its amazing drive. You can only decide by driving it.
  5. Mercedes-Benz SLS- This vehicle can do wonders when on the road. You can feel like driving in the skies, unlike driving on a road. Its drive is butter smooth. A must try.

The automobiles listed above are totally a personal opinion, I would like you to try them and rank them according to your choice. Even if you are planning to buy once, do take them out for test drives before making any decision.