Top 3 Safest Small Cars in the Market


While thinking about the safety of a person, people usually think of a truck or SUV can save a life, due to its large size and heavy bodies. This is a totally miss conception. When you make a choice of buying a car from a safety point of view, you totally neglect the existence of small cars. But, it is a fact that the smaller the car the safer it is. The bigger the vehicle is, the more chances of getting an accident on the roads. There are loads of small automobiles in the market currently, which are loaded with the latest safety measures. These features include traction control, electric stability control, airbags, anti-lock brakes etc.

So it’s not necessary to sit in a big car and feel safe, sometimes small size can also do wonders. If your used car is giving you problems no matter how big it is, replace it with a small car. Write online how much is my car worth to sell and ask the concerned car buying company to estimate the scrap value of my car, they will help you in this regard. It might not be as wide as an SUV, it surely will be safer to travel in your new small sized car. Once done doing that it’s time for you to decide which car you want to buy?

1.     Subaru Impreza-

Subaru Impreza

It is available in the shape of a four door sedan and a five door hatchback. Its model is powered by 1.6 liter flat four engines. This car comes with a five speed or six speed manual transmission. In 2012 this car was also awarded with the title of top safety pick by IIHS. 2013 model of this car was as fast as the 2012 model. One of the most highlighted features in this model is the 7th airbag which protects the knees of the car driver. This vehicle has an anti-lock braking system which detects a dangerous situation, and automatically applies the brake. There is larger side mirrors installed, which gives a better view for the driver.

2.     Scion TC-

Scion TC

This is a Toyota manufactured sports model which has three door lift back. It includes eight numbers of airbags, one for the driver’s knees and one as the side curtain. In case the driver presses both the gas and the brake pedal together, the smart stop technology will help the engine to slow down its speed. If by any chance you press the gas pedal and then apply the brake, over five mph for more than a second, the engine power will be reduced automatically. This car will manage its smooth drive even on steep hills.

3.     Chevrolet Volt-

Chevrolet Volt

Currently, most environment friendly and fuel efficient car in town is a Chevrolet Volt. It is a plug-in hybrid car with 94 mpg. It is the safest vehicle with eight airbags; in case of emergency situations an instant message is sent to the emergency services that you might be involved in an accident.