Tips To Sell A Car Quick And Easy


Are you thinking about selling your car? Do you need some advice? Like everyone else who wants to sell, you’re hoping that the whole process goes smoothly and quickly. And you want to get the right price as well. Here are tips to sell a car and get the fastest sale.

  1. Start with your eyes open

We all love our cars, but it’s important to understand the actual value of your vehicle. The market determines the price of a car. However, be realistic about what offer to expect, because certain factors will affect the price, such as age, condition, mileage, service history, etc.

  1. Have the car evaluated

Acquiring the worth has never been easier. Online car valuation websites can help you can find the value of your vehicle. Make sure to get a quote from several reliable and legitimate car buying companies. Don’t forget to get some from neighboring cities as well. You’d be surprised to know that the worth and demand of a vehicle can be greater elsewhere.

Another point to keep in mind is to consider going to a dealership as well. Getting a price from someone who has seen your automobile physically can help in receiving a more accurate evaluation.

  1. What are your objectives

Consider your options wisely. What is more important for you: convenience, the speed of sale, or the final selling price?  Pick your selling route:

  • If you’re in for the money, selling your automobile privately is the best option. Keep in mind that it may be a while before a buyer comes along. Plus, you’ll have to sacrifice a bit of your time, showing the vehicle to each potential customer.
  • However, if you want the least stress, then select a well-established car dealer. Selling to a dealer is a quick and easy way to go about it, but it’s highly possible that you won’t get the best price. For many, they are more than willing to sacrifice a bit of end price in exchange for a hassle-free transaction.
  • You could even exchange your used car for another at the dealership.

Each has their pros and cons. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what works best for you. There will be a compromise though.

  1. Use the internet to your advantage

As discussed above, online car evaluations are extremely useful – and fast- way to calculate the value of your car. As mentioned above, selling to a car buying company through the net makes life easier. Every aspect of the deal is carried out using the internet, from entering data, valuation, getting a quote, booking an appointment for manual inspection, and online payment through the bank.

And if you want to sell privately, the internet is the fastest way to facilitate a sale. A lot of buyers shop online, so make information about your automobile available for those researching used autos, such as model, make, mileage, condition, vehicle history, and any damages. Remember to post pictures with your advertisement. Take multiple, clear photos from various angles during the day. If a buyer likes what he sees, he’ll call you right away. You want your ad to stand out from the rest rather than have viewers scroll right past it.

  1. Compare online deals

If you are planning to sell to a car buying site, make sure to read the fine print. Each company offers different services and arrangements. Select one the meets your needs.

  1. Price it right

You need to select an accurate, competitive listing price. Ideally, it should be based on how comparable vehicles have actually sold for nearby. This prevents the headache of negotiations. Buyers will also have done their homework according to their budget. So, they’ll know that the price is fair.

If the price of your car is higher than other similar automobiles, yours will seem unattractive. However, if your set of wheels has some cool added features like a remote starter or power seats, you might be able to justify the price. In hindsight, a lot of customers might not be interested in those features- they just want a car that’s simple and cheap. If you’re going to sell the car quickly, consider throwing these add-ons for free. Maybe a gift will make your vehicle seem special.

  1. Presentation

Put a little effort into making your vehicle as good as possible. Clean out the interior, wash and wax it, service the engine, vacuum the carpet and trunk. Fix any minor issues such as small dents and scratches or a broken headlight. Avoid letting potential buyers’ chip away at a price. You need to reassure the buyer that the car has been well maintained and that they’re getting a good bargain. The presentation can make the difference between selling your car quickly and having to wait for interested car buyers.

  1. Have up-to-date documents

The most critical determinant of selling a used car fast is about planning. Organizing proper documentation can fast-track the process significantly. Keep all the documents required for sale together in a file before the vehicle is even put up for sale. This include:

  • V5
  • Proof of ID
  • Proof of address
  • Service history
  • MOT certificate
  • Transfer of ownership
  • any other documents related to the sale of the car, such as pending payments

If such essential papers are not available, you could end up losing a good customer.

  1. Be careful

Whether you’re selling privately or to a dealership, do not leave your car unattended with the potential buyer. Do not hand over the keys until it’s been paid for. Don’t accept cheques, bankers’ drafts or IOUs. It’s best to have it transferred through the bank or collect plain old hard cash are ways to expedite the process.

  1. Be armed with information

As a seller, you need to know precisely what the buyer is looking for. Know the specs and history of your car accurately and what the worth of your is. Be ready to negotiate. Providing the buyer with enough information about the vehicle will help speed things along.

Buyers need to feel secure and confident about making a purchase, especially when buying a used car. Ensure that there’s nothing to be nervous about. Take a moment to make a last-minute check that everything is working okay. Have enough petrol in the tank so that the buyer doesn’t have to go to the gas station as soon as the deal pulls through. And for those who have a habit of losing the keys, make sure they’re handy when the buyer comes to see the car. Keep the spares ready as well.