Tips To Quickly Sell Your Old Car Online And Make Profit


Out with the old and in with the new is an infamous saying. But when it applies to sell your old car online and getting a new one, it’s not nearly as practical as it sounds. Sure, selling a car is easy if you have the finances for it, but selling a used car is an entirely different story.

You need money to buy a new car. You need money to buy anything. You can get that money by liquifying your assets. Your car, which is probably the second most valuable possession that you own after your house, is a very valuable asset. But selling your used car is the hard part.

You don’t only need to get buyers to notice your car and make an offer. You also need to make sure that you’re getting the actual worth of the car back. You may even try to get an amount that’s more than your car’s actual value, making for a nice profit. But that’s all easier said than done.

There are some handy tips you’ll need if you want to sell your old car as soon and as efficiently as possible. Make sure to follow them.

  1. Find out your car’s worth

Firstly, how much do you intend to sell your car for. If you haven’t used your car for a long time, say 2 or 3 years. And if there haven’t been any major damages to the car, you can sell the car for something close to however much you bought it for. Your car depreciates with the value the more it gets used. The more miles your car has driven, the cheaper it will be.

To find out the value of your car, you could go to a free car valuation and enter the details about your car. Soon you’ll receive the estimated value of your car based on its market price and condition.

You could also try seeing the local ads in the paper or on online selling platforms. Check for the exact make and model. Try to look for ads that showcase a car with a similar condition as well. By looking at these ads, you can get an estimate of the exact valuation of your vehicle.

  1. Assemble your paperwork

Before you get ready to sell your old car, make sure you have all the paperwork at the ready. This includes the car’s pink slip or title. This legally allows you to sell the car by certifying it as your possession.

Other documents include a liability form and a bill of sale which is completed after the sale. Also, you might need your maintenance records for the car’s condition to be legit. Additionally, prepare the warranty documents, if applicable.

  1. Tidy up your car

Your car has to be presentable, to say the least. No matter how old your car is, it needs to be cleaned up. The interior needs to be free of any trash you have lying around.

Moreover, a car wash and hot wax are highly recommended to give your car a much-needed curb appeal. Anything to make a customer feel assured of the condition and quality of the vehicle they’re interested in. Make sure to remove scratches and dents too if possible.

Try to simulate all of the experiences a buyer will have when they inspect the car. Make sure that the car leaves a great first impression for every scenario.

  1. Be Honest

If you want to get a decent offer from a buyer, you have to maintain legitimacy. Don’t try to oversell your car in a way that may make you seem insincere. To build trust with the buyer, a degree of transparency is essential for the deal to go through.

  1. Showcase your car online

When it’s time to post an advertisement for your car, make sure to take the best possible photos of your car. Make sure to get every angle possible. The location is just as important here. Try shooting in open spaces like parking lots. Take the photos around sunset to ensure optimal lighting.

Your cleaned up car needs to be able to sell itself. The pictures you post for the ad need to be good enough to pull in buyers right off the bat. Make accounts at online selling platforms and post your ad. Make sure to post ads on social media as well since 22% of automotive buyers shop on such platforms.

When setting the asking price on the ad, try to keep the price a little above the actual value of the car. That will make room for further negotiation, without significant loss in profit. Also, since people tend to filter their online searches according to price ranges, a round of your price to the nearest 1000. That way, your ad won’t be discarded due to price categorized searches.

  1. Manage your buyers

Make a separate email or a Google voice number just for this sale. Keeping your own phone number as the contact details used for the ad is a big inconvenience.  Not only will you deal with phone calls all the time, but it’ll also be hard to keep track of calls from potential buyers.

Getting a separate email or number archives these buyers so that you can back to people who you may want to negotiate with.

  1. Close the deal

Whenever a buyer shows up, allow a full inspection of the car and maintain transparency. Do accommodate a test drive if requested. Give the buyer some room to truly test the vehicle and decide for themselves.

When negotiating, stand firm with your asking price and don’t make the first offer. Always reiterate the fairness of the price and leave little room for bargaining. If a deal is finalized, sign over the paperwork, hand over the keys and delete your ad.

  1. Car buying company

If you’re not having any luck with online selling platforms, try car buying companies that are willing to buy just about any car. After you enter the registration number and details about your car on their website, they’ll send you a reasonable offer. It’s going to save you a ton of work. All you’re going to have to do later is end your auto insurance and buy a new car maybe