Tips on Buying the Car You Want and the Car You Need


Some would say it is easy when you know what car you want but some say it is a hell of a job. You think of the pleasant experience you can get from having a new car but then reality hits. Sometimes buyers may end up buying a car that is slightly too expensive. “I’m buying my first car” is a situation that everybody finds amusing. After selling your car, if you are looking to buy a new one then you need to consider the following things to do so:

#1: Know your requirements

When you are looking for a car to buy you have to know what exactly you would prefer and what is the right choice for you. By knowing the answers of these questions, you can narrow down the choices and think if you need more space, car insurance details, how your needs change, how often do you drive, how much can you spend and more similar questions.

#2: Know your boundaries

Know exactly how much you can spend and about the cars you can afford. You can also buy a used car if you are low on the budget. You can also finance your car if you are unable to afford to pay on cash. Before you go looking for a car, you first need to confirm and get the loan for the car approved. There are a few dealers who refuse the financing offers. Not all the dealers provide with good rates. You also need to confirm that you have a good credit history so that you can get the favorable conditions available for you. Your credit score will be the base on which your loan will be determined. You need to have an excellent credit score to get the best deal.

#3: Shop and look around

Don’t shop with your heart rather shop with your head. Use your brains and don’t be tricked by the sales pitch. It is easy to fall in love with some car and do anything to buy it but you should first give it a thought whether you want to buy it or not. Some of the cars you can get at affordable prices are:

  • Ford Focus
  • Mazda Mazda 3
  • GMC Acadia
  • Ford Flex
  • Toyota Pirus V
  • Kia Soul

#4: Negotiate

The rate of the car you are provided with is not the best price you know. You have to make them negotiate to reach the best price. If the price is not reasonable to you then move on. You are under no pressure and can always get another deal tomorrow. Negotiating always lets you know the true intentions of the seller.