Selling Damaged Car – Things You Should Know Before Selling


Cars are wonderful machines. They get you where you want to go on a daily basis and look good doing it. They’re easy to use, and they’re a good indication of how far technology has come. But like all things good and metal, they don’t last forever. Sure, some cars may age a bit better than others if well-maintained, but the conditions of cars are bound to deteriorate the more they are driven and hence selling damaged car becomes difficult.

Time takes its toll on anything mechanic. It’s destined to break down eventually due to wear and tear. And as the car’s condition deteriorates further with time, so does its value. On the other hand, the better the condition of a car, the more money you can sell it for. So, if you’ve owned a car for more than 7 years, which has been driven for more than 20,000 miles, has faded paint and a couple of obvious dents, selling it won’t exactly be a breeze.

But it’s not just long-term environmental degradation of the car that you need to be concerned with. Traffic accidents can slam your car’s resale value as hard as the actual car itself. When your car takes a lot of damage, you need to decide whether to spend on fixing those damages or to avoid the repairs of an already faulted car and sell it all together. The choice is a lot more complicated than it seems.

When to sell the damaged car

For whatever reason you may intend to sell your car, whether it’s for an upgrade or to just get some major buck as soon as possible, you need to consider whether selling it is even viable.

Usually after a car crash, if the damage is minimal, it’s better to just pay for the minor repairs and move on. The story changes if the damages are big enough to make you sweat. Unless you’re insured, the repairs for major damages usually cost a lot when compared with the actual value of the car. Also, after any major car crash, the resale value of your vehicle plummets immediately. If you’re aiming to sell the car, there’s no point in trying to pay for repairs and then selling it. Buyers won’t pay nearly as much as you’d want them to, so it’s better to sell it as it is and still be able to get good offers.

The better the condition your car is in, the easier it’ll be to sell it and the better the offer you’ll receive. So if you have already made up your mind to sell a car that’s not completely wrecked, yet, sell it before it is.

Now if your car is completely totaled and non-running, the game has changed. The resale value of your car can not go any lower. If your insurance doesn’t cover the crash that made such a mess, then probably the only things you can do is sell it for parts, scrap it or sell it directly. Some trusted car buying websites are willing to take cars for cash, for any type of car. Even the ones that are fit for the closest scrapyard near your home. However, the money on the table here is not even worth considering.

In the case of a car where the damage is too high to even bother paying for repairs, there’s no point in trying to get people to buy it for a reasonable amount. The process of finding someone who is interested only for them to bargain the price further down is both a waste of time and money through hidden expenses. You’re better of selling the car directly to the websites above or scrap it down for parts.

What to assess

Before selling the car in any way, you need to get a proper idea of the actual worth of the car. Is selling it even worth the time and money? You can find out how to accurately calculate and find out the exact value of the car from the free car value calculators at trusted car buying websites. When you enter in all the relevant information on the car such as its make, model and condition along, with your contact info, you’ll get a specific quote. The quote gives you a very accurate and competitive value for your car after taking everything into consideration.

When you have an idea of what the right price for your car should be, you’re one step closer to finally selling it for the right price. You could also try posting online and recording offers.

How to sell a damaged car

There are a number of ways for you to get rid of the dead weight of a car that’s past its prime. You could sell the car as it is to private buyers by posting advertisements on special platforms for selling damaged cars. These buyers are very few and may not have a lot of money to offer.

You could also put it on the local paper’s ads section. This requires a lot of patience, haggling, negotiating and arrangements to be made for the trade. It may be worth all the trouble in the case of a used car, but a damaged car often doesn’t seem worth it.

You can scrap the car by sending it to the nearest junkyard. The people at the junkyard may not have a lot to offer since they intend to make a profit simply from selling the parts and the remaining scrap material. An alternative would be to scrap it yourself and then sell the parts independently. This, however, is extremely time to consume to do. You’d save money on the junkyard deal, but not enough to make it worth the effort.

Probably the best solution is to try and sell it to companies that trade in such damaged cars, but that depends on the kind of damage. The companies decide whether it would be profitable to repair the entire car and still manage a profit after the sale. If they agree, you do get some money, but the time and effort needed for the whole process are all done by them, making it fast and effective.