The Top Green Cars And Car Valuation UK:


Automakers are addressing the issue of global warming by offering green cars to the people. After several tests conducted by American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Honda’s Civic GX has been nominated to be the first gas car that has been commercially produced. The other vehicle that received recognition is the Ford Fiesta SFE.

Civic GX:

Competitive edge that Civic GX has over other green vehicles is the fact that it uses natural gas that causes lesser pollution as compared to the other vehicles. The GX offers the same feelings just like a traditional Civic. But yes it becomes difficult to refuel the car if the natural gas station is not nearby. Its mileage within the city is 24 mpg and on freeway, it is 36 mpg. It is well equipped with a V4 cylinder, 1.8 liter with 109 lb feet of torque and 113 hp.

The Ford Fiesta:

This vehicle is hybrid and non-electric. It gas mileage stands at almost 30 mpg within the city and 40 mpg on the freeway. This makes this car second most efficient non-hybrid vehicle in the market. It has a fuel input capacity of V 41.6 Liter engine with an output of 119 hp. Torque of the vehicle is 109 lb feet. The interior of the car is attractive. It has safety features such as it is electronically controlled and has air bags.

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