Selling Used Cars – How to Sell a Used Car for the Most Money!


There is a huge market out there for selling used cars. These days due to the economic conditions a common man prefers to buy a used car instead of a brand new zero meter automobile. But it’s an art to sell a used car.

If you want to sell your car and you do not know “how to sell a used car” you can follow the tips given below.

Clean Your Car First

Make sure your car is clean. Go visit a nearby petrol pump and get your car services done. No one wants to buy a dirty car. Make it look good. Washing and waxing the outer car of car is necessary. If your car is looking good chances are you will get a better price.

Do Not Forget the Interior

The buyer would like to have a complete look at the car from inside out. Do not focus on only cleaning the car from outside and forget the inside, clean the car’s interior completely or get it cleaned by someone. Do it with the help of a vacuum or a wet towel.

Tire Pressure Must be Checked

Before you take out your car to present in front the potential buyer get the air checked in the tires including spare one. You do not want to give a bad impression to the buyer in the form of a flat tire.

Car Features Should Be Checked

Have you checked your car features? Make sure they are in working order. Check if air conditioner of the car is working, radio is functioning, speakers and alarms are intact. If they are not working properly get them fixed. In case of central locking, do check if it works.

Get New Windshield Wipers

If the windshield of your car has broken or not functioning properly get it changed or replaced. Some buyers are keen observers and get into each and every minor detail.

Check the Fluids

Break oil, engine oil, radiator coolant, gas of the air conditioner and other minor things should be taken care of before taking the car out. If you can’t do it for yourself get your car checked from an expert mechanic.

Fact Gathering

Every vehicle has a VIN pin or number with it. You can take this number out before selling your car and give the papers to the interested buyer. It will make a trustworthy relation between you and the buyer.

Do Research Work

Before selling your car check internet for the details related to the car you are selling. You will get an idea of the price from different sites as there would be so many cars of same model and condition will be there for sale as your car.

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Fix a Price

After comparing the price of your car with other cars presented for sale online stick to it, give a high range price so even after negotiation you still get a good price. Do not set a price too higher than the actual market price of your car. This way you might stop a lot of potential buyers from approaching you. Only ask for a range that suites the present condition of the car.

After reading all the above steps, this questions “how to sell your used car”? will not bother you anymore.