Selling Crap Cars for Cash


Everyone loves money. Who doesn’t? But then there are times when we require money urgently. Those are the times when we put our thinking caps on and look out for stuff that we can sell for easy cash. If you look at your crap car parked at the backyard of your house or in the garage, you could, in fact, be looking at some money. Many people are not aware that their scrap cars can earn them good cash. You can easily sell crap cars instead of making no money out of them and giving them to the wrong companies. More often than not, those cars end up in a scrapyard for nothing.

There are many avenues through which you can sell your scrap cars today. If you are having second thoughts that selling a used car is a very uphill task and requires so much time and effort; then you are thinking about it the wrong way. Some companies that will happily buy your used cars, irrespective of the condition they are in. Today, there are online sites where you can sell used cars for cash and the process is much easier than you think. However, you need to do your homework first. Scammers do exist as well who might hoax you into selling a car for lot less than what it actually costs. So, make sure that you make the most money by selling your scrap car. Be it an online company, some friend that is willing or to someone in the junkyard. The net effect of the sale should be greater than other potential deals. Here are some things to consider while selling your crap cars for cash:

  1. Sell it to a local junkyard

Junkyards are one of the best places where you can sell you crap car for some cash. The owner of the junkyard usually pays a good amount of cash as they are interested in every part of the car. Find a local junkyard near your house, contact with its owner and ask him to have a look at your car. It is very important to understand that you and the owner should be on the same page. More often than not, people tend to take some parts off the car for their own use. This results in a decrease in the value of the car and the junkyard’s owner don’t get pleased. Therefore, make sure that you inform the junkyard if you need some parts of the car for your own use. For example, you can take easy accessories off the car, and they will still benefit from the doors and etc.  Every part matter when selling a car to a nearby junkyard. To find junkyards nearby you quickly, many websites help you find the closest junkyards in your city.

  1. Sell your car to automobile repairing shop

Selling your car in scrap would be a perfect option if you are not looking to sell the car at once. You may benefit from selling the car part by part as it might give you more money. In fact, people who are looking to buy your crap or dead car are looking to do the same. They take the car and take the parts, bit by bit and sell them to people who need them. People who run their automobile shops with repairing facilities make the most of such car parts. Such people are always looking for such parts; to repair automobiles using the scrapped car as they cost less than what new parts would cost. More so, there are specific companies who are looking for scrapped parts of the car. They purchase the parts, and many of them even export them to other cities or countries. Such companies present you a good opportunity to make some cash by purchasing your car. Also, look out for any news and opportunities provided by different companies. There are programs which encourage you to sell your dead car for cash and then use that cash to buy a new car. Such programs have been introduced in countries like the US etc. too. You never know when the UK might be planning something similar.

  1. Sell it by parts

If you are crazy for cars and have a nag of opening up machinery by parts, then your crap car is a really good option for you. People are very fond of learning the mechanics of cars and how everything works. Knowing a few tidbits of the car’s interior and other parts could be very useful if you are one of those people too. You can easily make money by selling the parts one by one. Every car has a fair amount of metal in it. Like the scrap metal alone can help you make money. Selling your car off for scrap can be a good decision if it is dead. Most of the parts are already broken or worn out. It doesn’t require great effort to take them off and sell them for good. When selling something in scrap, it is the weight of the metal that determines the price you will get. So, you might hear from the buyers that they need to take away some materials like plastic, etc. Although, the same parts can be sold to the junkyard and you still won’t lose out on the money.

  1. Sell it online

If you don’t want to sell your crap to a junkyard or some company and you feel like it’s not a good deal, then selling it online is the best way out. Sometimes lack of time is an issue too. In such cases, there are so many websites that would buy your dead or crap car. Look for them online, proceed with the documentation and make good money by selling the car. The online companies would the rest for you. It will be up to them if they want to sell your car by parts or as a whole.