Selling A Car During This Time Of The Year


Did you know that the value of your cat fluctuates with every passing season? If you are planning to Selling a Car in future, you just might want to wait.  Keep a close eye on the market value of the model and make of your car.  You’ll have a better idea of not only the worth of your wheels but also the best time to sell.  Take advantage of the shifting patterns and avail the best price.

Why does a car’s value fluctuate?

While many aspects can influence the overall worth of your vehicle, such as a manufacturer reputation, some short-term, predictable fluctuations occur throughout the year based on demand and seasonality.

Selling your car effortlessly and quickly for the most profit often comes down to finding the perfect timing.  Several factors you should consider before you decide to put it up for sale include:

  • The time of year
  • Mileage
  • Special events or holidays
  • The economy

The weather can often determine how small or large the demand is for your automobile.  Let’s consider the following factors that affect the value of your vehicle over the seasons.


As winter turns the corner and the clouds disperse to allow warmer weather to make an appearance, more outdoor activities will begin.  Car buyers will wake up from hibernation in search for a more enjoyable driving experience.  Sportier cars, especially convertibles, are more likely to become the center of attention as summer approaches.  So if you’re planning to sell your car, this is a perfect time.  Suddenly all sporty cars like Mini Cooper and VW Beetles will become desirable.  Conversely, winter cars like a 4×4 will experience a decline in interest.


As the climate heats up and the sun stays up longer, convertibles and supercars will see an increase in demand.  This is a fantastic opportunity for those who are thinking of selling their luxury or sports car.  More people will be interested in buying them now than during the colder months.  These cars are more likely to accommodate the bright, sunny weather.  Similarly, commuter vehicles may become hot on the market as buyers may be thinking about road trips with family and friends.  Or waiting for public transport in the extreme heat is just not feasible anymore.


As the school holidays come to an end, there is a general decline in the overall market.  Temperatures will begin to drop, and so will the interest in sporty cars.  However, the winter-ready models or those that will fair well in rainy weather will make an appearance once again.  In several areas, driving a sedan in the snow can be quite dangerous.  So, this is a great time to sell your 4×4 or truck as many buyers prefer to prepare for the winter months in advance.  However, some may still shy away from purchasing these models for a few more months due to their higher running and fuel-consumption costs.


Consumer interest for winter vehicles peaks in this season.  In regions this season is either harsh or experience heavy snowfall, the demand for cars with extra traction and driving power reaches an all-time high.  It’s common to see a spike in the sale of new and used 4x4s on the approach of and throughout winter.  Obviously, there will a considerable decrease in value and interest in the sale of sports cars during this season.  As with summer, people don’t want to wait in the extreme weather.  This creates a demand for commuter cars, and it may be the reason your vehicle sells quickly in this cold season.

Track your Car’s Value

With a bit of knowledge about the seasonal demands and car value fluctuations, you can observe what time of year is the best to sell your car.  You can easily track the value of your vehicle with the assistance of online car valuations or apps offered by many dealers.  Simply enter your registration number and mileage to get an instant valuation.  You can keep checking the value of your car by re-evaluating your automobile at various times.  That way you’ll be up to date about its worth.

Even though general demand, time of year, the condition of your car and mileage all influence the worth of your auto, it’s best to hold onto it until you have the chance to monitor the value over the following weeks or months.  Once the amount hits a high, you can opt to sell and score a better price for your car.  Just make an appointment and have a representative appraise your vehicle at a time and location that is convenient for you.

Events or holidays

As a bonus, utilize special events or holidays throughout the year and avail the opportunity to sell your vehicle at a better price.  Know what aspects make your car desirable to others.  Some chances that you shouldn’t miss out on are:

  • Trucks and 4x4s are appealing through the fall and winter.
  • Sportier cars sell better in spring and summer.
  • Smaller cars are high in demand when people are looking for ways to save money, such as around Christmas, after summer vacations or first-year university students
  • People have more money to spend when tax rebates are mailed out. They are more likely to make more significant purchases around this time of year.
  • 4x4s are ideal for hunting. There is an increase in value just before hunting season starts.
  • Small and fuel-efficient cars are high in demand towards the end of spring. This is the time parents start searching and shopping for modes of transportation for fresh high school graduates.  Another peak time to sell nifty cars is in early fall when college students head back to campus.
  • Prices of new cars are typically discounted during public holidays such as Independence Day or Christmas. If you have a similar newer model with low mileage, you may be able to attract quite a few buyers.

So, when it comes to selling your car, keep a close eye on the market.  This allows you to monitor the worth of your vehicle and also identify the best time to sell.  As you explore the numerous aspects of price fluctuations, you’ll be better able to decide when you’re getting the best price.