Queries which should be addressed over the Phone before Buying a Car


Buying a car, even if it’s used- is always an amazing experience, but you should beware of the troubles it can give you later on. To avoid all these problems and headaches you should keep your eyes and ears open while buying the car.

Your dealer and the previous owner of the car might avoid telling you the problematic areas of the car but you should keep a check and make sure you are not making any mistake. You should always take some expert along, when you plan to “buy a used car”. A friend who has good knowledge about cars can also help you with your deal. It would also be great if you gain some basic information about how to buy a used car by reading the following steps.

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Once you get the contact number of the seller, before going to physically examine the car, you should make a phone call and set the meeting time. Do not forget to ask the following questions, they might help you in making up your mind that is the car worth buying or not? So do not waste your time make that call.

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  1. The main question to be asked is how many owners previously this car had? By asking this question you will get an idea about the condition of the car. The less owners the better. You can even ask the age or gender of the owners. This way you would be able to calculate it in your head either the car is used a lot or not.
  1. The second question which you must ask is the model and date of production of the car. The younger the better. Even if the dealer of the seller is lying to you about it, you can always check it on the papers or glass marking later on.
  1. Third query that comes in mind is the conditions and nature of car in which it got exploited. Ask him about the area where he lives and takes the car ride is it rocky, smooth or plain? You will get to know the present condition of the car before you go to check it for yourself.
  1. Fourth thing which one must ask on the phone is the kilometer age of car? That how much it is used? If you have any doubts about his answers you can always check it from the speedometer by multiplying the annual km age by the age of car and you will get to know the actual age.
  1. Do not forget to ask condition of the car you are going to buy. Do not go for an overpriced car.so the fifth question you must ask is the car repaired or replaced? This way you will get to know about the fitness detail of the vehicle. Do get it checked from a local mechanic too once you plan to buy it. You will get all the details which the seller might be hiding from you.
  1. Your last and final question which should not be ignored, is the car ever been through any accident? The market price of all the accidental cars gets lower. So do not miss to inquire this because accident brings a lot of changes in the mechanism of the car.