Porsche Cayman Review


Porsche Cayman is a two-seat vehicle. It shares its mid-engine platform with the Boxster. But because of its stiffer structure, it has been reported to be a better and precise driving tool. The car is known to make you feel that all kinds of roads are meant for you to drive. It is well adorned with the facility of offering ultra-responsive handling, sonorous flat 6 engines and competition grade brakes and these features make it a smooth drive at all kinds of road tracks. As 911 has been uplifted in luxury and size, then it will be very right to say that the Cayman is the vehicle that has its focus and emphasize on the Porsche tradition of extremely high performance in a lightweight and compact package in every sense and manner.

The Cayman is unexpectedly and astoundingly affordable particularly when we talk about the Porsche standards. The base of the vehicle cuts the entry level 911 by tens of thousands as compared to the new. Pre-owned samples are a real steal and all thanks to the deprecation magic offering up to date performance in every sense and manner. No doubt either you will be getting a brand new latest model of Cayman or an aging predecessor; you will be adorning yourself with one of the very best sports cars. It will worth your money in every prospect.

Current Porsche Cayman:

The current Cayman is the second generation with a stylish exterior and richer interior than the earlier one. As its performance is slightly better, therefore, it will be very right to say that it is hard to improve the already near to perfection phenomena. The current Cayman comes with the debuted electric-assist power steering with the sacrifice of a little road feel but yet remaining to be the most satisfying and heartwarming tillers in the industry in every manner. The car is little lower and longer now. It has stretched wheelbase below along with the wider rear and front tracks. For the Cayman S; the Porsche claims a reduction of weight by 55 pounds.

Trims and other features of the Cayman:

Three trims for the current Cayman include S, GTS, and base. The Cayman S comes with 3.4-liter flat 6 making 340 hp. On the other hand, Cayman GTS’s 3.4 liter flat 6 comes up with 340 hp. Similarly, Cayman base is offered with a 2.7 liter opposed by a horizontal six-cylinder engine that is good enough for the 275 horsepower. It crosses the auspicious threshold of 100 hp/L. A standard six-speed manual transmission is there in the complete line up along with the Porsche’s seven-speed dual clutched automated manual being offered as an option. All the models are capable enough to reach the 30 miles per gallon or even more than this on the highway.

In case you have base Cayman without any options means that you will find yourself stuck with a four-speaker stereo. But then again other standard features are more attractive for people. These features include 7-inch touchscreen and 18-inch extended rear spoiler. The Cayman S comes with added perks like bi-xenon headlights, enhanced infotainment functions, bigger wheels, and a nine-speaker stereo. The GTS has its own distinguishing features like a sportier interior, unique styling elements and dynamic transmission mounts along with otherwise optional electronic driving aids. No doubt, the options list is long and all full of eye-opening tags.

Talking about the reviews of the Cayman that is current, the reviewers ran out of the synonyms for the word “awesome”. Car handling can just not be better than this specifically after knowing the fact that how much comfortable the Cayman is for day to day use. The dynamics of texting driving combined well with the electronic driving aids of the Porsche make the driver feel like a Formula one hero in every manner. The Cayman has been applauded for taking the interior of the vehicle to the next level. This Cayman is offering feel of a sports car in its own manner.

Used Porsche Cayman Models:

The first generation of Cayman was produced back in 2006 – 12 models. Just like its successor the vehicle was based on the Boxster of that era. It substituted the roof of the Boxster’s soft top. Only Cayman S was available in 2006 with 3.4 liters flat rated with 295 hp. The base model launched for 2007 featured 2.7-liter six cylinders with 245 hp and 5-speed manual transmission as standard. For 2009 only, all Cayman came up with awkward shift buttons on the steering wheel and they tended to get in the way of the alluring driving feel. For the first generation 2012 two special editions with 330 hp were introduced i.e. the Black edition (with added luxuries and blacked out color scheme) and the Cayman R (with lightweight seats).