Need To Know About Selling The Car In Winter


Selling the car in the winter can be a little tricky.  You’re dealing with the blustering wind, icy roads, blankets of snow, and shortened days.  To top it off, at this time of year, a car generally takes longer to warm up.

There are several reasons why people may want to sell a car in winter.  The quickest way is to tell your family and friends that you are putting your car on the market.  Not only is this technique free, but it’s an efficient way to spread the word through the grapevine.  With the right guidelines, you can do it

the right way and get a great price in return.

  1. Inspection

As a seller, you want to facilitate the deal as much as possible.  Think about it from the buyer’s point of view.  He will want to check the vehicle thoroughly.  Pick a time and spot that is convenient for both but also makes it easier to inspect the car.   It’s best to see the car on a clear day.  This may seem challenging in winter with the short, cloudy days, but with a bit of planning, it can be managed.   Ideally, the weekend is a suitable time, but if the buyer wishes to come later on in the day, then make sure to meet up in a well-lit place.  This will facilitate the appraisal and sale of your car.

The buyer may want to look at the vehicle from underneath.  So have a mat handy just in case.   It’s possible that the buyer will bring along a mechanic as well.

  1. Documents

Keep all the documents organized and up-to-date.  The last thing you want is to make the buyer wait in the cold while you scramble frantically trying to locate the title.

  1. Clean the car

Easier said than done.  With all the snow, it’s difficult to manage the muddy slush that accumulates on the floor mats.  But when an interested caller confirms an appointment, take a few minutes to give your car a once-over.  Clean the windshield and windows, inside and out, and get rid of all the smudges.  Give the floor mats a good shake – outside the car of course.  A clean, well-maintained vehicle will stand out among others that are selling this season.  Make sure to have any documents about the service history handy.

  1. Maintenance

The cold weather is enough to cause a bunch of mechanical problems.  If you’re planning to sell your car, then keep it maintained well before the first snow.  Have it thoroughly checked by a mechanic and fix any issues because there’s no better time than winter for the starter, battery, and alternator to act up.  Have other electrical components such as the windows, controllers, mirror heating, etc. checked as well.  Don’t forget to look into the wipers.  It’s vital that they’re working well this time of year.

  1. Tires

Yes, you guessed it!  What better condition than the slushy, icy roads of winter can there be to check if the ABS (anti-locking brake system) traction and grip of the tires are working properly.  It’s ideal to switch tires before the first frost.  It isn’t wise or safe to drive the car without winter wheels.  And when you sell your car, don’t forget to throw in your summer tires for a good bargain.

  1. Test drive

It’s common for vehicles to behave differently on the same road in winter than in summer.  Make sure you drive your car on several routes to identify potential hazards beforehand.  This will make it easier- and safer- for the customer when they ask to take the car out on a test drive.

  1. Advertise

Return to the basics of business.  Exploit all the features of your vehicle.  Take clear pictures of your car including close-ups of the interior, exterior, tires, trunk, dashboard, etc. There are websites that you can use to sell your car.  Or you could contact a dealer that is in the business to buy used automobiles throughout the year.  They provide free car valuation which you can do online from within the comfort – and warmth- of your home.

  1. Manners

Keep the buyer comfortable.  Having good manners is essential and professional even if the deal doesn’t work out in the end.  Ask if the would like some tea or coffee.  Standing out in the cold is as difficult for them as it is for you.

  1. Pricing and timing

Managing a budget can be difficult especially during the holidays and the beginning of the new year.  The fact that cars lose value with every passing year, it may be a wise decision to sell before the Christmas festivities begin.  A buyer may not be willing to pay your asking price once he’s had an expensive season.  Either that or you will have to concede to the discounts that he is asking for.

  1. Be honest

It’s important to build trust whenever you decide on major transactions such as selling your car.  Create the right image to facilitate an easy deal.  If there is anything wrong with the car, mention it up front.  If the buyer has questions, answer them in a straightforward manner instead of beating around the bush. Be realistic about your demand price and the condition of your car.  As long as you come across as a reliable and honest seller, you’ll have a greater chance of securing an excellent deal.  Essentially, you want to prove that you are entirely in the mindset to sell your vehicle with good intentions.

With the above guidelines, selling a second-hand car in winter isn’t a bad idea.  Nor is it as difficult as many perceive it to be.  With the right tactics and a bit of planning, you can use the winter conditions to your favor.  Beat the cold and snow and make an outstanding sale.  Maybe you’ll make more money out of the deal than you could have imagined.  What are the odds that someone falls in love with your car and it ends up being the perfect Christmas or New Year gift?!