Most Common Vehicle Problems: Details Which Shouldn’t Be Missed


People, who are a newbie driver or driving for ages, both will agree that there is nothing more irritating than the emergency trip to your nearest motor garage. Either it’s because we fairly lose a handsome amount of money in such cases or dread the loss of our beloved vehicle, both conditions are worst nightmare for a driver.

The feeling of watching your vehicle being towed to a garage is dreadful. Your used vehicle can only be fixed by the specialist mechanic and if he says that it can’t be fixed, tell him that I want to sell my used car. He might give you an advice about where to start or to whom to contact with the light of his experience and knowledge.

Vehicles always need special attention and services of a qualified mechanic, especially in case of engine problems. The engine troubles should immediately be taken care of, otherwise you might face a bigger problem with a larger bill in your hands. Most common vehicle problems are;

  • Problems related to clutch and gear
  • Overheating of the transmission
  • Unexplained noises
  • Gear slips
  • Grinding noise coming from the clutch
  • Leakage of transmission fluid

Observe the engine light-Mostly engine related issues are instantly noticeable in all vehicles, however, in some vehicles they aren’t. Many drivers ignore the car engine light, though in the recent car models the light blinks when there is an abnormality spotted by the sensors of the vehicle. Observing the engine light and responding to it immediately can save you from a major dose.

Gearbox Repair Services– Even if your vehicle will face a problem you can take it to the local garage and they will fix it with the help of gearbox reconditioning services, which will give your vehicle a new life.

The engine works as a heart for your vehicle. Make sure that you take proper care of the heart of your car. You might face some engine related problems when your car is a bit used. The only solution to this problem is to take your car for regular checkups to the mechanic. But still if you are facing issues, consult an automotive expert. Otherwise, you will be left with no other option than selling your car quickly.