Long Drive Tips for New Moms Traveling with Family


If you are planning to travel with your baby it might turn into one of the most memorable trip of your life. Traveling with a kid on board is always a difficult task, especially when you are new to motherhood. It’s quite normal for the new mommies, to be a little worried about the drive ahead with a baby along. It would be difficult for you to calm your kid down, especially when you are the one driving the car.

It’s also necessary to make sure that you have the right car for your baby, if not, post an ad “I want to sell my car now”. The “best way to sell a car” is online through social networking sites. Traveling with a baby can be real fun if you have the right vehicle and preparations for the trip ahead. Following are some tips to make your journey safe and comfortable.

1.              Pick the Right Car Seat

Choosing the right car seat for your baby is as important as deciding to buy a safe and comfortable car. You should invest in a car seat which is approved federally. If you have a baby, less than one year old, do not carry him/her on your lap and drive. Kids under one year should always be in a rear facing seat while you are driving. Read the instructions on the car seat carefully before installing it and do follow them properly. If you are planning to install the seat make sure to fix it in the middle of the back seat. Never ever install the seat in the front passenger’s seat. Ensure that you properly fastened the seat belts and your baby is secure before driving off.

2.              Take Some Toys Along

If you want to keep your kid entertained throughout the trip do not forget to bring her favorite toys along. Bring her stuff toys or soft toys (light toys which are made of some safe fabric). Avoid bringing toys or things which your child can easily swallow. You do not want to turn around your car and rush to a hospital. Take her pacifier along. It is recommendable to attach the pacifier with a clip to your kids clothing in order to prevent it from falling.

3.              Travel while Baby is Asleep

Try hitting the road when your little angel is fast asleep. This way you will get them to focus on the drive without fretting over your kid. Play light soothing music which will keep her calm and make her sleep for a longer period of time.

4.              Play a Movie

If there are LCD screens installed in your car, try playing your child’s favorite movie, this way her attention will be diverted from bothering you and she will be engaged. If your kid is less than one year you can play poems for her to keep her in a good mood.

5.              Pack Some Snacks

Take some milk and snacks along. If your baby is on formula diet, you should take feeders, warm water and powdered milk, so whenever she is hungry you can feed her. You can bring some solid food along in case your baby is a bit older and is on solid food diet. In all this rush do not forget to pack bibs and baby wipes.

6.              Do Not Forget Some Extra Clothes

Pack a bag with some clothes, towels, diapers and diaper changing essentials, first aid kit, sanitizer, tissues and a trash bag. Rest we wish you a safe journey!