Knowing the Worth of Your Car-How to Sell my Car at Book Value?


When we talk about selling an old car, the most common question that most people ask is “For how much should I sell my car? What most people do is, whenever they want to set a price for their used car, they instantly look up to the Kelly Blue Book and they start to go with the “Book value” for their car. There are several people that get surprised whenever they discover that their car is actually worth more than they thought.

After knowing that, the car seller will adopt a different way to advertise his vehicle and that will be the online method. The seller will take pictures of his car and then post them on the website he chooses to advertise his car. However, the seller will not receive any calls in the first week. The following week, the seller will drop the price down to $500 and receives a couple of phone calls but still, he can’t seem to find someone that is interested in the current price of the car.

There is nothing different in this scenario. This happens to everyone. Especially, to those who are selling their car for their first time. The first time sellers mostly depend on the Kelly Blue Book for the right value of their car. Some other times, a car seller will price their car well above the current book value and got no phone calls. There are lots of people who place a higher price for their car to value their own possessions. It does not matter why they did it, the simple fact is that the car is not selling at the book value and it is priced very high.

There are sometimes when you don’t have to look at the book value. There might come a time when you will get tired and ask yourself why your car is not being sold at the book value. However, there are a number of reasons for this, perhaps the most prevailing reason is that the free market dictates how much a particular item sells for. You still cannot explain how the free market works in determining the book value.

There is a very common reason how you will get good value for your car. The cars that are advertised on low prices usually get sold quickly. Now, it must be clear to you on the question “How much I should sell my car for?” Those cars that are advertised on higher values mostly stay in the market and pretty soon, their values depreciate. The best way for you to sell your car quickly is to set a reasonable price for it. The people that set low prices for their cars to get their cars easily sold. Also, the price of your car should depend on the condition of your car. When it comes to selling used cars, the condition is the only thing that matters the most.