How To Know If A We Buy Any Car Company Is Fake Or Not?


Do you fall into the category of people who don’t have the time or patience to sell or buy a car themselves? Well, then it’s time for you to head on down to the nearest we buy any car company.

With so many dealerships to choose from, it can be daunting to decide where to. You could end up spending a lot of effort trying to get the best one. But first, you need to make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate car buying company.

Several good dealers are dedicated to their customers. You’ll get a reliable vehicle for a great price with the least amount of stress.  But then there are the those whose only aim is to cheat the next unsuspecting customer who walks in. It doesn’t mean that every dealer is out there to swindle you.

Don’t rush into a deal. Have a look around. Survey several dealerships before selecting one. Here are some tips of detecting a “stealership” and their sales philosophy.

Check out the dealer

If you’re buying or selling a used car from a dealership, then look into background and reputation. The dealer must have a valid license to do business legally. Check to see that it’s issued and registered by the government. This information should be on the website as well as the physical location.

Search the company’s address

Check out the dealer’s address online with Apple or Google Maps. Verify that the car buying company has an actual showroom. Make sure that it’s not located in an empty parking lot.

Check the website

A genuine company, like WeBuyAnyCar, has to have an up-to-date website. It should be an accredited site so that clients can immediately identify that it’s a safe place to make purchases or provide personal details. An HTTPS certificate offers added protection through data encryption. Alongside this, there should also be a “Contact Us” and “About Us” web page to add to the credibility. Additionally, photographs, bios of employees, and updated blogs should be available to help humanize the website.

Check online reviews

No business in the world can boast 100% customer satisfaction. No matter how excellent the service is or the number of deals there are, there’s always going to be someone who’ll complain. Looking at online reviews is one place to start. Carefully read them, especially any negative ones, and their frequency. Are they complaining about shady contracts, damaged vehicles, delayed payments, or something illegal? It’s probably best to steer clear of these dealers. Consider whether the complaint is service or sales related. Sometimes one department will be fantastic, but the other a nightmare.

Look at the ratings. It’s better not to go to any with one or two stars. Neither does a four or five star doesn’t automatically guarantee that the dealer is good, but it’s a safer bet than the rest.

Social media

Check the company’s social media accounts and how active they are. Make sure that the links work. One way to identify fraudulent websites is to look into the links it provides. For example, if it has instead of, it could be a scam.

Local media

Check the local news. Stay away from those that have been mentioned negatively in the press. Don’t take any chances by going to one that is currently under investigating with the authorities. However, keep in mind that sometimes the media tends to sensationalize stories.

Pay attention to advertising

How the company markets itself is a significant indicator of how they handle a customer. Whenever you come across a dealer ad on television or see it in print, pay attention to the objective. Is it making promises that are too good to be true? Chances are that the car buying company is targeting customers that are easy prey to bait-and-switch tactics. That is, markups and add-ons can easily fool them.  If a major portion of the ad is fast-talk and fine print, you may be better off elsewhere.

Another aspect to consider is spelling and grammatical accuracy. There shouldn’t be any mistakes. What kind of an image to you get if the dealer promotes ads with inaccuracies? If they haven’t the mentality to invest in good marketing techniques, you should question how they’ll treat their customers.

How do they handle online services?

Like many other businesses nowadays, almost all transactions can be done online. The use of gathering information via phone and email saves time and money. The car buying company that you decide to interact with should be efficient and professional. They should reply to your queries courteously and calmly. Any rude behavior is an indication of unprofessionalism. And the representatives should provide valuations promptly and accurately, a way to verify their organizational skills.

Visit the location

To get a feel of what is really going on at the dealership, you need to go there personally. Have a look around. The vehicles in the lot should be clean and well-maintained. Plus, the VIN and other details should be clearly displayed in the window.

Double check the condition of the car

Don’t skimp on the opportunity to scrutinize the automobile. Give the interior and exterior a thorough inspection. Make sure it’s consistent with the specs online or in the ad. Especially check the odometer to make sure that the mileage hasn’t been tampered with- a sure sign that the company is into fraud. Don’t rush the test drive. Take at least thirty minutes to gauge accurately how the car is functioning. Be on the lookout for any strange noises. In fact, consider getting an independent, licensed mechanic to give the vehicle an in-depth pre-purchase inspection.

Mode of payment

And lastly, and most importantly, research their method of payment. When selling a car online, there are several acceptable straight-forward options, including processing payment through the bank via online account transfer, a certified check, pay order, or plain old hard cash.  The amount should be received before the representative walks away with the keys. Similarly, when buying a car, watch out for any dealership asking the entire payment upfront or sending money via wire transfer. While making a small deposit is okay, don’t hand over the full amount before it’s time to take the car home. And don’t forget, the car dealer is responsible for handling the paperwork. Make sure all documents are in order, and nothing is missing.

So, discovering if a company is fake or not isn’t as difficult as it seems; all you need are adequate research and competent observation skills.