How Would You Identify Reliable Car Buying Service In UK From One That Is Fake?


So you have decided to sell off your car and use an online platform to lock the deal? But how can you make sure that the service you have picked in the UK is reliable car buying service? Do you know how to differentiate between dependable buyers and fake ones?

Selling a car can be a time-consuming task. And if you get yourself trapped with fake car buying service, it can become a nuisance. To avoid ending up with that experience, it is important that you are sure about the company you are dealing with. The key is to identify the features associated with trustworthy websites, regardless of how legit the fake car buying websites appear.

Just because a company is fake doesn’t mean it is always going to be too evident. Some of them have a proper office, great online reviews, a decent website, and some fake customers that pretend to be real. Even if a single comment raises a red flag, it is often ignored.

So how do you know if you have chosen the right car buying service in the UK to sell off your car? Find out!

  • See if they give you a prompt response

Most fake websites and companies work lesser hours than the legit ones. They are often handling these fake businesses as a sidekick to make money by fooling people. They have other commitments due to which they may not be available to respond you right away.

If you have questions that they are taking ages to respond to, take it as a sign. They may not even be aware of how to respond to those questions and will give you very bookish feedback whenever they do. Read between the lines when something like that happens.

  • Look for the information they share online

Check out their website thoroughly and go through the content. Do they share information like how experts would in their field? Or is the information available on their online platforms too vague and pointless?

Legit car buying services will give a clear insight into what services they provide. What they share online gives you an idea of what to expect from them. Thus, look for specialized information and details.

  • Inexperienced Staff

Whether you are visiting them in person or communicating with them online, make sure you judge them by their experience.

Car selling is a detailed process, and people who do deal with it daily are packed with the information you are looking for. You will get instant and confident responses for all your queries. A staff that’s unskilled or inexperienced is easy to identify. If you don’t see a code of conduct in the way they operate or deal with their customers, avoid using the service.

  • Poor website

In addition to the content, check out the overall maintenance of the website. If it is minimal and hasn’t been updated for ages, take it as a warning.

In today’s online world, all reliable businesses are paying special attention to their online space to keep ahead of competitors. If such a significant aspect is ignored by the car buying company, they may not be legit.


Make sure you go through the entire website to see if there are different pages and if the content is added relevantly on those pages. Don’t forget to check their online reviews or testimonials for a better idea.

  • Too good to be true

Don’t rely on information that sounds too good to be true. As mentioned above, reviews and testimonials can give you a good idea of the reliability of service. However, if everything seems beyond perfect, it could be fake.

Read between the lines and focus on the language of the reviews. Does it appear too similar as if it has all been written by the same person? These little things are easily missed but can be identified right away. Don’t forget these little details.

  • Missing documents

If they do not provide the legal documents that prove them to be legally acclaimed, then that is another red flag which raises questions about the eligibility and worthiness of the website.

But before you are ready to judge, visit their office and ask them to show you these documents. Not all car buying services are comfortable in sharing these important documents but can do so on a one-on-one basis if you ask for it.

  • They do not give you the cash right away

Unlike many business models, a car buying service should pay immediately as the car is delivered to them. The transaction should take place right away – you hand over the keys, they present you the cash. But if they are hesitant in doing so, they may be fake.

Some companies may ask you to deliver the car a day or two before they give you the money. You could lose both your car and money if you give into such an idea. Cancel the deal right away!

  • There are hidden fees

Most reliable car buying companies wouldn’t include any charges for evaluating your vehicle or towing it away. Make sure you discuss these factors with the company before finalizing the deal.

  • Don’t forget to compare

Comparing your options is the best way to come to a solid conclusion. Do not stick to a single website or car buying company. Do your homework and compare at least five sites to use the best service.


When you see a legit website or meet professionals, you can tell. It becomes easier to narrow down your list and eliminate all fake services. Once you know you are working with a reliable car buying service, compare on the basis of who’s offering you a better quote against your car and choose accordingly.

So the next time you are looking for a reliable platform to toss your car, consider these factors. There are many similar services you can find in the UK so make sure you make an informed decision by picking the best and most reliable one of them.