Where Should I Sell My Car?


Have you decided to sell off your car? Well, this is just the beginning of the process. There are various things you must do before you can finally bid goodbye to your vehicle. This includes deciding where to sell your car, evaluating it to know what price to demand, negotiating with dealers and finally completing the transaction.

It all begins by deciding where you should sell your car. While previously people only had the option of going to the car dealership if they wished to sell their car, now various other avenues have opened up. Here are some of the most popular ways you can sell your car.

Private buyers

If you don’t mind incessant questions and calls regarding your vehicle, you can choose to sell your car to private buyers. Be warned; this method is very hassling and time-consuming, You can’t expect to put up an ad today and get potential car buyers tomorrow. Also, you have to ensure that the buyer you choose is reliable and trustworthy. Take care of your personal information when dealing with strangers.

Selling a car to private buyers would require you to place an ad on different platforms. You then have to filter out potential buyers and negotiate with each to ensure that they offer you a fair price. You will have to answer their queries about your car. Since most people don’t have experience selling cars, this method is considered to be the hardest way of getting rid of your old vehicle.

Local Dealers

This mode of selling vehicles has been present since ages. Here, all you need to do is drive up to your local dealership and express the desire to sell your car. The local dealer will then tell you how much they are willing to give you for your vehicle. This price will always be less than the worth of your car. This is because dealers will always keep their profit margin when buying cars.

Additionally, dealers will almost always try to give you the worst deal possible. In other words, they will wish to maximize their benefits. This is why you should expect them to dock dollars for every damage they can think of. It is essential to not only be aware of the value of your car but also about the condition of your vehicle. Know when you are being played. Don’t choose a local dealer to sell your vehicle unless you are in liquidity cash and hence need money urgently.

Online auction

Selling your car online via an auction is the riskiest and most unreliable way of selling your vehicle. Why is this so? Well, for starters, platforms that offer online auctions generally don’t take any guarantee about the people bidding on them. You can easily end up getting ripped off. It is hard to ensure that the people you are transacting with are legitimate buyers and not frauds.

Moreover, auctioning your car means you can’t demand a fixed price. Instead, you will have to set a reserve and minimum amount. It is possible that you will end up with a deal where you get less money than the value of your car. Furthermore, you also have to pay the company or platform a transaction fee for using the platform. This further cuts into your cash stream from the sale.

Online car buyers

You will find various online car buying companies who will be more than happy about buying your car from you. This is one of the most convenient options when it comes to selling your vehicle. The good thing about selling your car online is that you don’t have to deal with haggling dealers. Instead, all of it is done online, and the chances are you will only see the company representatives when you go to drop off your vehicle. We Buy Cars Today along with other quality companies offer reasonable prices to car owners. Here, you will find a quite accurate free car valuation system. The price offered to customers is as precise as a free valuation software can get.

Why is it better to sell off your car to online car buyers? Apart from when you seek convenience, online car buyers are a better option when your car features a high mileage or is not in the best shape. This is because here, finding a private buyer for your vehicle will be a time-consuming hassle.

If you opt for a car buying company that doesn’t offer car valuation service, make sure you are already aware of the worth of your car before you avail their service. This ensures that the platform is not able to rip you off with a low valuation. Know when not to opt for this option. Remember, online car buyer companies are not the most reliable method of selling cars (if they are not backed with proper car valuation systems).

We Buy Cars Today- A great solution

Are you looking to sell your car? We Buy Car Today will happily buy it from you. Our platform is known to be secure and convenient for the masses. We offer free car valuation whereby we value your car by your car model, mileage and registration number. The value of the quote provided is viable for 24 hours. In this period, you can agree to the transaction, and we will swiftly complete it for you. Our representatives then take your car from a pre-decided location. So, apart from conducting the deal online, there isn’t much you are expected to do!


Sell your old vehicle. Make room for a new one. Whether you get rid of your old car to replace it for a new one or for some quick cash, you will have to think long and hard about where you will sell your car. The best method for you will depend on your need and requirements. Select a way that is most suitable for you. Sell away.