How to Sell Your Car within 72 Hours


You want to sell your car real quick and fast, and then there are a few things which you should keep in mind. Because if you try selling your car in haste chances are that you might get a lower price for it than you imagined. So don’t be hasty about it, you can make more money only if you will play your cards right.

Tips on Selling Your Car Fast

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Need the money real bad? Or just want to get rid of the old vehicle parking in your garage for ages? Whatever the issue is to keep the following points in mind while selling your car.

1.      Put it Online

” Selling a used car online” can be very easy and cost effective for you as compared to the other methods. You will get a fast and immediate response if you paste the links on your Facebook account as well as Twitter and YouTube.

2.      Contact Car Dealers

Approach local car dealers in your area and tell them that, “I want to sell my car today”. They will instantly help you with the sale as they have vast experience in such area. They deal in the selling and buying of cars on daily basis. Take your car out for the dealer’s inspection, after checking your car he will use different mediums of advertisement in order to grab clients for your car. Do not expect an immediate offer. It might take more than 24 hours for him to arrange potential buyers for your vehicle.

3.      Visit Car Buying Companies

You can always go and check car dealing companies as there are so many out there. As they deal in the selling and buying of cars on everyday basis. Ask them to help you in order to sell your car.

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4.      Discuss Your Offers

If you have a car which is in excellent shape and condition and highly in demand, they do discuss and rethink about the offers you are getting. If you are getting a price which you demanded then accept it, if not, then you can keep your hunt on till you get the price you set for your car.

5.      Finalize the Deal

Once you get your desired price, close the deal with the buyer and finalize the agreement. Get done with all the paperwork and payments for your car. Either do it through cash, bank draft or transfer funds online. If there is some big fault in your car, get it fixed before closing the deal and finalizing things. You have to satisfy the buyer in any case. Get the insurance of the car canceled by calling the car insurance company. Remove all the private things from the car before handing it over to the new owner.

You can sell your car real fast if you are determined enough. All you need is a bit of motivation and a kick in the right direction. In case your car is not in good condition or is not working at all, contact the local junkyards they might offer you a small amount for that. You can also donate your automobile to some recognized charity.