How To Quote A Good Price For Your Used Car


People often need to sell their used car either because they need money quickly or because they want to buy another car. The common reason for selling a car is because of the person in need of quick cash.

Before you place your car in the market, there are a few things you need to think about first, you have to make sure that your car is presentable. On the basis of its appearance and damage level, you can place an appropriate price.

When you place the price for your used car think reasonably don’t overprice it. An overpriced car will just make your potential buyer walk away and a low priced car can land you with great loss. Normally when a used car is overpriced it is one of the major reasons why the car doesn’t sell quickly.

Well, the other reason which influences the price is the overall look of the car. It’s pretty obvious if you are selling your car you are probably low on funds so you can’t really afford a detailer and mechanic to fix the car.

Let us tell you how to simply get your car looking attractive without hiring any professional help all this can be done by you:

  • First, check the exterior of the car wash and clean it, give it a wax make it look all shiny.
  • Next comes the interior check the seat covers, floor mats, carpet, clean them.
  • Check the dashboard and make it dust free, clean the windscreen from outside swell as inside.
  • Fill the air in the tires; you don’t want your prospective buyer to see and flat tire.
  • Check the hood and trunk clean these two parts of the car as well.
  • If any minor repairs are needed and you are good with technical work then fix it all.
  • Fill the car with fuel as your prospective buyer would like to have a test drive before buying it.

A dirty and damaged car will not attract the buyer plus it will also make him suspicious that the car wasn’t well maintained and this is one of the main reasons for a car not selling quickly. This factor also affects the value of the car and even if you do get a buyer chances are you will not get a good value for the car.

But the prime reason for your car not selling instantly is also that you haven’t set the right price for it. So when you are placing the quote it’s best that you do little research and know the current market value of your car’s model. Remember when you place the quote also keep the mileage, condition, features and model in mind, as well as these factors, also matter a lot.
The prime reasons why a used car doesn’t sell off quickly are the following:

  • You have overpriced the car.
  • You have not been honest about the car’s condition (misrepresentation)
  • You don’t have proper documentation of the car.
  • Or you are not negotiating with the value.

If you want to sell your car quickly because you need the cash, then you need to be a little flexible with the price and leaves some space for negotiation because you’re potential buyer will negotiate.