How To Deal with A Car Breakdown At Night?


It’s already too hard to deal with a car breakdown in the daylight, darkness might make it worse. The most irritable condition of the breakdown of your vehicle at night is lack of visibility.

Switch the hazard lights on

It is advisable to switch on your parking lights or emergency lights once your car stops working. This way the related authorities or other drivers will be able to spot you.

Park the vehicle opposite side of the traffic

While driving at night if you think that you cannot locate a nearby mechanic shop and the car doesn’t allow you to move forward, park it on the roadside. Make sure that you park your car opposite side of the traffic flow.

Stay in the car

Due to the security reasons, stay in your car till help arrives. Lock the doors and try calling any friend or family member. Do not forget to call the local authorities. But in case you do not feel any threat outside, you can wait outside the car.

Keep emergency essentials in the car

Make it a habit of keeping necessary things in your car boot. This includes blankets, first aid kit box, mobile charger, a bottle of water, etc. Keep some snacks with you once you leave your house.

Re-check your car before leaving

Get your car checked by a motor mechanic on a regular basis especially before leaving for long journeys. Still, if it gives you problems selling your car quickly is the right decision.

Take breaks while you are driving

Do not drive continuously while you are on the road at night. It is best to stop after every two hours, in case you are going on a long trip. By taking breaks, you will be able to catch up on your sleep and will regain your energy.

The best way of dealing with a breakdown is to avoid it totally in the first place. This goal can only be achieved if you will keep your car maintained. If you notice any major damage, sell your car online as soon as possible.