How Can I Sell My Car Easily?


Used car industry constitutes a significant chunk in the global automotive industry. In the last quarter of UK alone, 2 million used vehicles were sold! Considering that the average life of a car on the road in the UK is 7.1 years, this trend is easy to visualize. Are you also thinking how can I sell my Car? Well, the good news is that there can’t be a better time to get rid of your old vehicle than now. Why? Well, compared to previous years, now you can easily sell your car. This is because there are various ways you can sell your car.

Here are some of the best ways to sell your car. Remember, each method has its own fair share of pros and cons. You must evaluate them and decide whether you prefer the method or not.

  1. Selling privately to individuals

The conventional way of selling a used car is selling it privately to potential car buyers. The most important advantage of doing so is that you get to decide the terms. While in other methods, you are provided with a quote, here you make the demand. Since the car buyer also is just another car user like you, you are likely to get more money for your vehicle. Moreover, since there is no intermediary involved in the transaction, you don’t have to worry about transaction cost.

However, this is where the benefits end. When you are selling privately, you need to put in a lot of effort from your side. You must determine the value of your car on your own, invest in advertising it on various platforms and then meet and negotiate with potential buyers. Sometimes, you might have to let strangers into your home since many wish to test-drive before paying for a vehicle. Not only is this unsafe but if you aren’t a people’s person, the negotiation process can get overwhelming.

If you do decide to sell your car privately, make sure you place ads on popular platforms like the AutoTrader, eBay, and Craiglist. Always upload clear photos of your vehicle and offer a detailed description and car history as well. This will reduce the number of queries customers will have. Also, be upfront about the condition of your car. If you mask the flaws of your vehicle, you can end up being liable for damaged caused.

  1. Online auctions

You can put up your car for sale on online platforms and auction sites as well. The best thing about this method is that it allows you to sell off your vehicle swiftly. If you are in need of some quick cash and don’t want to go through the long conventional way, selling it online will be an excellent option for you.

The problem with selling your car online is that you are bound to come across a lot of scammers. You will find people calling you up, asking about your vehicle. However, they won’t be interested in buying your car at all. Such scammers can make the process very hassling and unsafe. Also, in online auctions, you have to set a minimum price, and that is what you tend to get at times (unless you have a vintage or highly demanded vehicle). Therefore, in terms of getting the best deal, online auctions aren’t the best way to sell your vehicle.

  1. Dealers

Selling vehicle to car dealers is the oldest and least preferred way of the masses. The good thing is that this method is very quick, easy and secure. You don’t need to worry about scammers or have to take to multiple people, unlike in the other two methods mentioned above.

But, all of these benefits come at a cost. And that cost is not getting the best price for your vehicle. Dealers are trained to offer you the lowest possible value and getting you to agree to it. The haggling can get very annoying. You will find dealers docking off dollars for every small damage. If you don’t know the worth of your car, you are bound to agree to a poor deal. And if you rely on them to value your car for you, it is understandable that they are likely to undervalue it.

  1. Car Buying Companies

Compared to all other methods mentioned here, the best and the most recent one is using a car buying company to sell your car. The good thing about car buying companies is that they combine the best of both worlds. They offer you the benefits of a dealership without having to deal with the disadvantages.

When you sell your car using a car buying company, you can get a free valuation. This quote is based on car history, mileage and model of your vehicle. If you agree to the quote, a representative inspects your car by meeting you at your decided location and time. Once the deal is finalized, the transaction is completed on the same day (if there are no bumps). Your car is then picked up from your home. This means that you don’t need to worry about negotiating with dealers nor about going to a distant location just to sell your car. Instead, everything is delivered to you on your doorstep. Since a middleman is involved, this method is safe as well (unlike private buyers and online auction.


We Buy Cars Today is one of the many car buying companies operating in the UK. You can make use of its free car valuation to know the estimated worth of your car. The process of selling your vehicle cannot be made any easier than what car buying companies offer.

All four methods of selling your car make the process easy in one way or another. Decide which method you prefer the best. This will depend on your needs and requirements. Use the method to sell your car. Replace it with a new one. Your ride is an extension of your self-image. So, buy away.