Getting Your Car Ready for Vacation


Want to take your family out this summer? Would it be a car trip? If yes, have you checked your car? Is it working properly? Before going out, there are few things which you should keep in mind.


  1. Do inform someone from your family or friends where you are going? Which route you are taking? When you are planning to come back? Do not forget to take your cell phone and charger along.

  1. Taking a trip in your car means your car should be in perfect condition for traveling. Do not take any risk with the lives of your loved ones, your family. Check the air pressure in the car, fluid levels and do not forget to take an extra tire with you.


  1. Do take your car for a final check up at the mechanic. Get those brakes checked if they are in proper working condition. Many shops check them without charging any fee. Since your car already is in the workshop get those shocks, struts, ties and rods checked too. If you have some knowledge about these things you can check them yourself too.


  1. Get the belts and hoses examined too by opening the hood of your car. If they are cracked or worn or is there any leak get them replaced. You do not want any bad thing happened while you are miles away from home. Also examine the car battery if it’s free of debris or not.


  1. Check all car fluids, including the coolant, brake fluid, oil, transmission fluid, etc. It’s important to check not only the level of fluid, but also its condition in case it’s dirty, flush and replace it.


  1. If you notice that the color of the oil is turning milky or brown, it is not a good indication, it means the coolant is getting mixed with one or more cylinders in the car engine. Get it fixed immediately. It is a major problem does not take the risk of driving your car on a long trip; chances are that you will blow up the car engine.


  1. If After examining your car, you are not satisfied with its condition, do not take it out on a long trip. Instead, there are few things which you should do first. Contact a car dealer in your locality and get rid of your car or you can sell your used car online”. This is a good time to get a good price on a new car. Post an ad in the paper or online “I want to sell my car”. You will find many interested buyers for your car.

  1. In case your car is a complete wreck, chances are you will get very low price for it. It’s better to donate it to some charity. You will get an excellent tax deduction amount for the donation of your car.


  1. If after visiting the mechanic you are able to get your car fixed and there are no major problems, get your car ready for the trip. It’s time to take your family out for some extra treat for which they have been waiting all year. And do not forget to take all the precautionary measures mentioned above. We hope you have a safe and full filled journey.