Getting to Know the Worth of Your Car


There often comes a time in life when you get tired of putting up with your old car and you decide to sell it for money. The number one question that comes to your mind in this process is “How much should I sell my car for?” Initially, there are lots of people that prefer the Kelly Blue Book’s values. There are plenty of people that get surprised when they get to know the actual worth of their car. The seller then posts an advertisement of his car for sale on the internet and will not receive any calls in the first week. In the following week, the buyer drops the price down $500 and gets a couple of phone calls but the callers expect the price to come down a little more. They don’t seem interested in the actual price of the car but they want it to get lower.

This scenario happens every day to first-time car sellers who list their cars at the current Kelly Book value. Other times, a car seller will price their car well above the current book value and received absolutely no phone calls. There are a lot of people that place a higher value on their own possessions. It does not really matter what the case is, the simple fact is that the car is not selling at book value and is priced too high. You may ask yourself why it that my car will not sell for book value is.  However, there are a number of reasons why it would not, perhaps the most prevailing reason is that the free market dictates how much a particular item sells for. There is a perfectly good explanation of how the free market works in determining the book value.

It must be pretty clear from the above 2 paragraphs that the cars that are of low prices tend to be sold quickly. These are all obviously used cars and used cars are supposed to be affordable. There are some cars that stay too long in the lot because no one tends to buy them and that is why their prices fall down and they get sold quickly. The main problem is the price of the car. If you set the price of the car according to its condition then it is sure that you can get it sold for a good price.

The answer to the question how should I sell my car? However, if your car is not being sold at the book value then do a little research and compare the price of similar cars in your area to what you are asking. Chances are that your car is priced significantly higher than your competitors. Slowly drop your price until you start to receive phone calls from people that are interested in buying your car from you. If you are receiving one to two calls a day then your price is right. Selling your car couldn’t be any easier.