From Where To Get Valuation Of My Car Before Selling It?


Selling your car is an art. Anyone can hone in on these skills by combining information derived from research with intuition. The most critical question comes in your mind is how to get the valuation of my car. It’ll help determine the correct price. Select one that’s too high, and you’ll wait weeks before you get an interested buyer. Price it too low, and you’ll forgo an amount that is duly yours.

Ideally, you need to set the right price so that both parties benefit from the transaction. The seller gets the most value possible, and in return, the buyer doesn’t feel like they’re getting ripped off.

It’s essential to understand that free car value is made up of several components, including mileage, vehicle age, condition, additional equipment, etc. But some factors, such as market demand, are merely out of your control. When the used car marketplace is flooded with similar models to the one you are selling, buyers have more leverage to walk away from negotiations because there are other options available. This negatively impacts the value, thus reducing its price.

Car appraisal

The first step is to get an evaluation of your car. You could go to a car buying company and get it done personally. Or you could opt for the faster alternative and get one online. The quote can be an accurate barometer of what price you should expect. It’s calculated using data collected from thousands of car adverts and dealer websites. And since these prices are updated on a regular basis, they provide you with the latest guide price for a beneficial sale. Armed with accurate information, you’ll be in a strong position to negotiate the price by spotting a buyer who’s driving it too low.

The qualities of a good car buying company

Whenever you decide to sell, make sure to get an evaluation from a company that is legally entitled to buy and sell cars. They should have a valid license as well as an established business. They should possess a spotless reputation, whether it’s in the reliability of the car that they sell or the guarantee of receiving complete payment. Checking their track record of satisfied customers is one way to finding a reputable dealership. You can rely on the credibility of their appraisal.

Making sense of the valuation

The online quote will offer you a couple of figures if you’re planning to sell your car. Basically, there will be one stating a dealer trade-in value (the price that a dealer offers for a trade-in) and a private-party value (the price you could get if you sold the car privately). Most dealers will complete a comprehensive inspection to identify any problems in your vehicle. They will be responsible for repairing anything that needs fixing, thoroughly clean it, and getting rid of any scratches or dents before putting it on their lot. This explains why the dealer’s value for a trade-in is typically lower than the other.

Make sense of the market

Since the economics of the marketplace are dependent on the essential factors of supply and demand, it’s vital that you keep in mind the following aspects affecting the valuation of your used car.

Compare similar cars

The market is full of people trying to sell their used car. And since you’re all in the same boat, take advantage of the situation. Check local listings in newspapers as well as online car buying sites to get a general idea what your vehicle is worth. Though your automobile is obviously different from the rest, it’ll still help you determine whether the price you’ve selected is too high or low. Don’t limit your search to only the make, model, and year of your car. Expand your horizons to include the rates of older and newer cars to get an average of what people are willing to invest in buying second-hand vehicles.

What is the current demand of your car in the market?

Particular cars will always be in high demand, such as fuel-efficient models and family sedans. As a primary mode of transportation, customers are regularly in search of a reliable vehicle. And when it comes down to automobiles that are the most advantageous for work, trucks, and vans top the list. They will sell more quickly and at a competitive price.

What is the current economic situation?

The power of a consumer is in his money. If the economy is going through a recession, people are inclined to save rather than spend. You may find it harder to sell. And if the price of petrol is skyrocketing, your fuel-efficient Ford Focus will sell faster than the gas-guzzling SUV.

Is it the right season?

The time of year significantly impacts the type of automobile you are selling. For example, a convertible in the middle of winter could fetch a lower-than-perceived value. This also means that the vehicle will remain on the market for a longer time. Conversely, the same model in summer will get a better appraisal under warmer, sunnier skies.

While the above factors are those which are independent of your automobile, there are several that are directly linked to it.

  • Mileage dramatically affects the value. A car with fewer miles on the odometer typically has more life left in it as it has endured less wear and tear. The value continuously drops the greater distance it’s driven.

That’s why the way a vehicle has been used also impacts value. If an automobile has been utilized as a rental car, taxi, or any form of commercial purpose, it can negatively affect the price. Similarly, a single owner car holds more importance than one with multiple owners.

  • The condition is yet another element which can add to or deduct value from a used car. A clean, well-maintained automobile with up-to-date service records is undoubtedly worth more than a rundown, dirty one. Any extras, such as power steering, GPS navigation, enhanced sound systems, and built-in security features could play a contributing role in claiming greater prices. They may even balance out any loss in value from a larger mileage. Plus, if it’s never been in an accident, that’ll boost the value even more.

Set the right price

The price needs to be competitive. Your goal as a seller is to select one based on the appraisal. To keep your car attractive and interesting on the market, choose a price that leaves “wiggle room” for negotiations. And since you are planning on buying a new set of wheels shortly, you’ll need to get the most out of this one to make the down payment.

Now you can sell your car like a pro.