What Do Genuine Car Buying Companies Do?


Head on down to a car dealer if you’re thinking about selling your car.  Genuine car buying companies are well-known for making everything easy for their customers and clients.  They promise to buy any vehicle at a fair price, with no restriction on make, model, or condition.  The only requirement is that it should be safe to drive.

There are a lot of reasons why people are preferring this route instead of selling it privately.  With the hopes of completing the transaction quickly and getting a good price at the same time, many are opting to go to trusted car buying companies.  There’s always the possibility that you could strike a better bargain through a private sale, but then you would have to invest a lot of time.  Finding the right buyer who will pay the right price can usually take a while.  This isn’t feasible for those with a busy lifestyle.  That’s because every person who wants to purchase your vehicle will no doubt ask to inspect it and take it for a test drive.  So, if you’re in a hurry or need cash right away, a dealership can come to your assistance.   Fast, reliable and prompt service is guaranteed.  In no time at all, you can sell your old, used car and start searching for a new car.

Dealers have proven to make selling a car as effortless as possible.  They take care of all following responsibilities.  All you need to do is hand over the keys- and pick up your payment.

  1. Car valuation

It’s fairly simple to sell your used car with the help of a registered car buying company.  You could take your wheels to their establishment or send a few pictures of your automobile to the dealer.  An even easier method is submitting a few details on their website query.  Along with your name, number, and email address, you will need to provide the car’s registration number and mileage.  This way the dealer will be able to give you an accurate value of your vehicle.

  1. Free services

So, the evaluation didn’t cost you a penny.  Guess what?  There are several more services that the dealer will provide free of cost.  Get a quote while sitting in the comfort of your home.  The benefit is that you can get it for nothing, and you are under no obligation to continue if you don’t like what you hear.

As time is precious to everyone, a car buying company is a convenient solution.  A certified and insured dealer who can buy and sell cars at any given time.  They will offer the current market value of your automobile, and if you accept, they will facilitate in completing the deal as quickly as possible.  After all, their goal is to keep the process as simple, efficient, and hassle-free (yep, more free stuff!) as possible.

  1. Vehicle inspection

A dealer will set up an appointment to check the condition of your vehicle.  The time and place can be set according to your schedule.  This makes selling your car even easier.  Make sure find out the cost of inspection.  Some dealers will do it for free, but others may charge a fee.

  1. Verify documents

The dealer will want to see the documents that establish ownership, service history and roadworthiness. The V5C certificate is the most important of these.  The V5C registers your vehicle with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).  It contains all the basic information about your cars, such as the date it was first registered, its manufacturer, and the color and engine size.  It’s also good to have a valid MOT.  If any of these papers are missing, a dealer will not pursue the deal further.

  1. Car pick-up

Some dealerships offer to pick up the vehicle from whatever location is suitable for you, whether it’s the office, your home, or any other place.  But if for some reason, your automobile has been damaged or has some issues that can’t be fixed, a car buying company may be able to help out.  Some dealers work in collaboration with the towing companies, and they may provide complimentary towing services.

  1. Payment

Everyone knows that dealers are the best place to sell, so if you find yourself in a bind, this is the right spot to cash in your old or spare car.  Depending on the type of business they offer, the dealer can give you several time-saving and straightforward options.  They could process the payment through the bank by an online transfer, a check, pay order, or just plain hard cash.  Either way, you will be paid before the representative walks away with the keys.  For many who facing a financial crisis, this is the winner.  For them, being able to get cash up front on the same day is very advantageous.

  1. Complete paperwork

There is a bit of paperwork that needs to straighten out once you sell the car.  A dealer is responsible for filling out all the forms and making sure documents are complete and organized.  Some of the ones that you should check are the title, maintenance records, bill of sale, release of liability, proof of purchase, and warranty.  And when it comes time to do your taxes, information related to the transaction can be done accurately.  To get a refund, all you need to do is declare that you have sold the vehicle.

Just remember, it’s better to go to your local dealership or one that is advertised in the newspaper.  Choosing an authorized dealer that is an LMCT (licensed motor car trader) is a good decision.  At least you’ll know that you’re getting a genuine deal.

It may be possible that a dealer will offer a lower price than the current market value.  It’s often a matter of trading price for time and convenience.  Plus, the car buying company has to make a profit off of the transaction as well.