The Easiest Way Of Selling Your Car Online


Thinking of buying a new car? Everyone could use an upgrade occasionally. It’s important to keep up with the times and not drive in one of grandad’s hand me downs. Buying a car seems simple enough. You could buy one straight off a dealership or go online to car marketplaces and search for the best offers. If you have the money for it, it’s easy. But selling the car online may be a challenge.

You may not even have enough money to buy a car right away, so selling your old car is all the more necessary. There are a bunch of ways to sell your car and get the money you need. However, probably the most convenient method is selling your car online. But even selling your car on the internet can be tricky.

The easiest method is to sell your car to a trusted car buying company. Such companies have a ‘we buy any car’ motto and selling your car here is easy. You post your car’s details to their website and then get a personalized offer for the car. The car’s valuation will be done by them. Then they ask when to visit and inspect the car. They’ll willingly take the car off your hands for a very reasonable price. You’ll be done with the sale in two or three days.

The following is an easy guide for how to sell your car online in a way that requires minimum effort and time. You might even get a good profit in the process.

     1.Know your car’s worth

The first thing you need to note down is the actual value of your car. It’s your second-most valuable asset. An asset that keeps depreciating in value with time. You need to understand how to gauge your car worth so that you can set an appropriate price tag on your vehicle.

Getting to understand the correct value of your car is easy. You can do that in three ways:

  1. One way is to make your way to the closest dealership. Then find out the market value for the model that you’re selling. Note your car’s condition, as well as the miles, are driven on it. That should give you a close approximation of the money you should be getting for that car.
  2. Second option: go to the free car valuation website of an established car buying company. The website assesses cars by their condition and model. You simply enter all the necessary information regarding your car. This includes the cars registration number and mileage. Then you’ll receive a basic estimate of your car’s value. The value is not automatically generated so your contact details will also be required. The value of the car received from here is quite accurate, but further investigation may be required.
  3. The third option is manually searching for your exact model on automobile marketplaces. Here you’ll get a good idea of the value of the exact model of your used car. These sites have different ways to categorize cars as well. Filter results according to conditions similar to that of your vehicles. That way you can have a fairer comparison and, thus, a better estimation.

     2. Arrange all your documents

There is a bunch of documentation regarding your car. This includes a title (or a pink slip) that declares the car as your property. It allows you to legally sell the car itself. A bill of sale is also needed to complete the transaction. Then comes your maintenance and records to qualify the condition of the car. Warranty and lease documents, if applicable, are also required.

Make sure to have all of these prepared beforehand. You don’t want to run around looking for these after a buyer has already made a deal with you.

     3.Clean up your rig

Make sure your car is in top condition when you’re ready to send her off. Get it cleaned inside and out. Remove any trash or personal belongings. Replace the tires if need be. Get a full service too from the mechanic.

A car wash before meeting a buyer for an inspection is highly recommended. Also, you’ll need your car to look extra pretty for the photos you’ll be posting in your advertisement.

     4.Post an ad on a car selling website

Pick a certified and trusted car selling marketplace. One that’s very popular and probably has a lot of daily traffic and users. One may not be enough, go for two or maybe more of such websites. The more visible your ad is, the more buyers you can reach out to.

You’ll need some very nice photos to effectively market your product. You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional photographer or get an expensive camera. A decent smartphone camera with decent lighting should do the trick.

A clean and well-polished car will score you some extra points in terms of curb appeal. Try taking these photos in the daytime or, preferably, at sunset to get the best natural lighting. Your own garage will do for a backdrop but try shooting in large open spaces.

     5.Receiving an offer

You’ll probably be contacted by several interested buyers at this point. Don’t negotiate over the phone. Arrange an inspection if possible. Let them see your car for themselves. If a test drive is requested, check for their license and join them for a short drive.

Try implicitly giving some plus points about the car along the way like its comfort, or its acceleration. Make the buyer as comfortable as possible. It’ll develop trust and may ensure a deal.

Be transparent about its condition and do not try to oversell it. Maintaining legitimacy and the buyer’s trust is crucial for any agreement to materialize. When negotiating, try getting them to make an offer first and don’t readily shift away from your asking price. Stand strong and slowly build towards a better offer.

Never give the impression of desperation when negotiating. If the buyer keeps lowballing and bargaining, suggest an end of talks.

     6.Completing the sale

When you’ve reached an agreement, inquire the payment method between cash or cheque. Always opt for a cheque. Only move forward to the signing over of documents after the confirmation of the payment. If your car has a loan to be paid off, this may have to be done at the bank. After you’ve handed over the keys and the car you’ve officially sold your car. Congratulations! Finish up by ending your auto insurance.