Cost Effective Volkswagen Diesel Cars

The diesel cars offered by the Volkswagen are known to be the most affordable small cars in the market. No doubt Volkswagen Jetta is quite smaller in size but it offers enough space to accommodate the entire family in a convenient manner. It will be true to say that Volkswagen cars are the best choice for you during economic recession.
Greatest advantage of these vehicles is that they are fuel efficient. The Volkswagen Jetta has one of the most powerful diesel engines. Exterior of the car gives a sporty look. It has spacious interior along with the increased shoulder room. Rear seats have increased legroom by 2.7 inches while the front seat legroom remains the same. As compared to the earlier Jetta’s, the new version has smaller shape and size.
The diesel engine of the car is pretty much impressive with mid range torque coupled with the six speed DSG dual clutch transmission. The manual mode offers satisfying shifts and enables the users to select forward progress over the fuel economy values. Last but not the least, maintenance cost of the vehicle is minimal and does not affect your monthly budget.

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