How Come My Car Does Not Sell at the Book Value?


When one thinks about the phrase “sell my car now” then the number one question that comes to some people’s minds is “How much money should I sell my car for?” The first thing that people do is that they look in the Kelly Blue Book and compare those values. They mostly prefer book values for their vehicle. There are lots of people that get surprised once they know the actual value of their cars and they discover that their car is actually worth more than they thought. The next thing the car seller will do is that he will post an ad about their car on the internet and he will receive many calls in the first week. The following week, the buyer will drop the price to $500 and gets a couple of phone calls but the callers do not seem too interested in the car as its current price.

The lesson should be clear now. You will only receive phone calls when the price of your car is affordable. Obviously, you are advertising a used car and used cars are supposed to be at a low price. The reason why people prefer to buy used cars is because they are easily affordable. That is why it is important that the value of your car is affordable. This kind of scenario happens every day to first-time car sellers who list their cars at current Kelly Blue value.

Most of the times, a car seller will price their car well above the current book value and received absolutely no phone calls. Many places a higher value on their own possessions. Whatever the reason may be, the simple fact is that the vehicle is not selling at book value and is the price too high. There will come a time when you will start asking yourself that why isn’t your car being sold at the book value. While there are a number of reasons for this, perhaps the most prevailing reason is that the free market dictates how much a particular item sells for. There is an explanation of how the free market works in determining the book value.

Let’s just consider for a moment that vehicle A is listed online for $12,000, vehicle B, a similar car, is posted online for $11,500 and vehicle C which is a combo of both A and B is listed for 13,500. So, in this case, vehicle A and B will be out of the market in no time but the vehicle C will remain in the market because of its high price. Now, it must be clear to you when you think about the phrase “sell my car” because everything is right here for you. You can find great deals. But, it is important for you to be honest about your offer and make the price fair for everyone to take a good look at if you want a sale.