Citroen’s History over the Decade


The Citroen has been providing top class automobiles for more than 90 years. But few know about the history of this popular brand. So here we have made a small record of the most important moments of Citroens history.

If you want to sell your car in order to buy a Citroen, it would be nice to go through the history of this brand.

1919 – Citroen Sells Its First Vehicle

When World War 1 was coming close, industrialist Andre Citroen was looking for a chance that would let him to continue and make use of his arming factory. Having prior experience of working in the automotive industry, Andre knew that there was a huge market for high quality vehicles at an economical price.


In 1919, at Champs-Elysees the first Citroen, Type A was displayed in a showroom. Hence, the first mass producing Automobile Company outside US took birth.

1924 – Europe’s First Steel-Framed Car Emerges under Citroen

For the first time in the history of European car market, they witnessed a steel-framed car introduced by Citroen, at that time all the cars were still made from wood. With the collaboration of an American engineer Edward G.Budd, Citroen produced Europe’s first steel framed car B-10 which was presented at the Paris Motor Show.


Even though the model at the beginning did well, the low-price factor ultimately steered the company towards heavy loss.

1925 – Citroen Turn’s Eiffel Tower into an Enormous Billboard

One thing we must admit, Andre Citroen definitely knew how to do marketing. After Citroen became the first company to sponsor car races and rallies, Andre Citroen took things a little further, by actually renting the Eiffel Tower and getting Citroens name spelled out thorough quarter of million lights.


The commercial stayed in the place for the next nine years, in fact Guinness World Records named it as the largest advertising sign ever.

1934 – The Revolutionary Traction Avant Is Released

Citroen kept on bringing new innovative vehicle designs with the most popular Traction Avant. This vehicle was the world’s first high-street, front wheel drive and had a ground-breaking monocoque body which made it lighter and swifter than any other vehicle of that time.




1955 to 1974 – Hard Times

Citroen faced some legal issues, the catastrophe of the “Comotor Rotary Engine” project and the 1973 oil crisis combined created one of the most difficult years for Citroen.

1980s – Rebranding

After going through a bad time Citroen definitely needed a breakthrough which meant that being under the possession of PSA, Citroen went through some slight changes in order to appeal a wider market than before.

1985 – A Very Peculiar Car Ad

The company was back on top by the year 1985, and anyone who has watched the ad of Citroen CX starring Grace Jones will ever forget it. Coming out of her own giant mouth replica the pop-star and bond girl spins Citroen CX in the desert for some time. And then she drives it away, NO! She drives it back into her giant mouth, which then lets out a immense burp.


This was one of the weirdest ads of that time – we wonder what Andre would have thought about it?

2013 – Citroen’s Award Winning Year

Last year, Citroen has been reveling winning “Top Gear Family Car of the Year” for the “Grand C4 Picasso” along with the Car Manufacturer of the year from Green fleet for its wide-range of fuel efficient cars.



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