Choosing a Safe Car for a Teen Driver: Seven Simple Steps


It’s a dream of every teenager to drive his/her personal car. The feeling of owning your first car is unexplainable; you simply cannot put it into words. It’s the most thrilling and exciting time of one’s life, at the same time the scariest time for a parent. The purchase of an automobile for their children is the most difficult decision to make in the life of a parent. They have to make sure if the car they want to buy is reliable and safe for their child.

So are you one of those parents who are planning to “sell your car” and want to buy a used car for your kid? Try” selling a car privately”. There are few easy and effective suggestions listed below, they will help you in order to buy the most reliable and suitable vehicle for your child.

Size Matters a lot-

It is important that the vehicle you are going to buy doesn’t not only meet your price target but also satisfies the needs of your child. When selecting a car for your teenage kid, go for something small and compact. Small cars have higher crash test rates as compared to the big or large cars. Most of all large vehicles cannot be easily handled, especially when an inexperienced driver is behind the wheel.

New is always better-

Due to the economic conditions many parents opt to buy pre owned vehicles for their children. It is not bad to buy a used car but keep it in mind it shouldn’t be older than ten years. The newer the model of the car, the more advance safety features will be installed in it. That’s what you want for your kid, safety! No? So try not to safe those extra buys and spent it on buying a preferably new car for your child’s safety.

Safety features should be checked-

Do check for the standard safety features of a car before sealing the deal. The car you are thinking of buying for your kid should have maximum safety features. Select a car which comes with side, front and passenger air bags, roll bars and reinforced frame. In case, God forbade, something happens it will save your child from major injuries.

Do check Crash-test results-

This is the first thing you should check after selecting the car for your child. This result will help you deciding either the car is safe and reliable for your kid or not.

Select a vehicle with limited horsepower-

Almost every teenager wants to drive a fast car. Therefore, it’s not a wise choice of buying such car. Go for a car with lower levels of horsepower. Your kid will be forced to drive slowly no matter what.

Read automobile history report-

In case of buying a second-hand car, it’s necessary to check the car’s history. The history report includes all the accidents faced by the vehicle.

Take it for a Test Drive-

Do take the car for a dive it’s the easiest way to make a decision either you want to buy it or not. Do take your kid along and make sure he likes the car you are picking for him/her. Because at the end of the day it’s his/her car you are planning to buy.