The Best Place To Scrap A Car


No matter how bad and beaten down your car is, once you decide to sell it, you would always want the highest possible price for it. And in search of the best place to scrap a car with a high price, you often turn down good offers and just let your car sit in the driveway, which is just getting more worthless by the second.

In times like this, you have to decide what do you want to do with the vehicle. You can either sell, scrap or simply give it away to get it off your hands.

But if the car barely runs, no one will buy it; and if you just give it away, you’ll probably lose out on the salvage value of the car. So, scrapping it is the only option. But, where will you find the best place to scrap a car and who would even buy a scrap car? Car buying companies.

Contrary to what most people believe, car buying companies and their claim that they buy any car are indeed quite accurate. They do buy any car as long as it has four wheels and vaguely resembles a vehicle.

Gone are the days when you had to go from one junkyard to another, just to find someone willing to buy a scrap car at a reasonable price. With digitalization and the internet, all you have to do is search up a car buying company, get in contact with the nearest one, get a valuation, and get rid of your scrap car at a reasonable price!

However, not all the car buying companies out there are safe. Here are some things to be careful of when choosing a car buying company:


Legal Requirements

According to government rules, scrap cars need to go through an Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF), and the buying companies need a license that ensures that the environment will not be harmed during the scrapping process.

So, whenever you call any company, make sure to see this certification.


Fraudulent Dealers

Many companies will just have a front as a scrapyard, but in reality, will be exporting these scrap cars to other countries for a profit. Although you can never know for sure if your car was scrapped at all or not, you can try to find out if the company actually did it.

The number 1 sign that can tell if you’re dealing with a fraudulent company is that it will pay for your scrap car in cash.

As stated by the Scrap Metal Dealers Act, paying cash for scrap is illegal. Payments can only be made by issuing a cheque or directly depositing the amount in the seller’s bank account.

Fraudulent car buying companies also use a lot of tricks to bring the price of your car down. They will point out minor flaws or exaggerate them to reduce the car’s value.

They will even complain about things that have no relation to the car’s value whatsoever. If you show desperation, they will use it to come up with missing documents which are necessary for the scrapping process.

Even after you’ve picked an authentic online car buying company, there are some points you should keep in mind before scrapping your car.

  • Cars are basically your second homes, so they usually end up containing a lot of your personal Clothes, accessories, chargers, tools, and whatnot can all be found in cars. It is advisable to remove these things before the car is sent for scrapping.
  • Since it becomes incredibly hard and annoying to sell a vehicle without the title, make sure your title to the car is valid. If a car buying company doesn’t care about it, that could be a warning sign to stay away.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the valuation, you can make some extra profit by selling off the expensive parts individually and on your own. For example, you can take out the stereo system and sell it.
  • If you have any unused fuel in your car, either use it up or siphon it out carefully. The car buying company will probably just drain it all out so its best if you put it to use.
  • Make sure to get a tax refund by sending back your tax disc. Car buying companies don’t include it in the car valuation. Insurance companies also refund any unused cover.

While it may seem hard to find the right person for this job, there are many good car buying companies that make the entire process a lot easier.

Whichever place you decide to scrap your car, as long as you are aware of the points mentioned above, you can be sure to discard your vehicle at a right price and legally without any hassle.