Avoiding Air Lock for Better Car Performance

The condition in which the air gets into the fuel lines of fuel injection system of the car and blocks the free flow of fuel to the cylinders and injectors is called Air Locking. In order to avoid air locking and better performance of fuel injecting system (FIS) proper care of the vehicle should be taken.

This problem usually occurs while changing the filter of fuel or while making other maintenance activities of the FIS. If your car is giving you such problems it’s an indication to change it. You can sell your car hassle free by logging into car selling websites online. There are many companies working online with the motto we help you sell your car. Let us have a look at how can we overcome the issue of FIS.

How air locking can affect the engine performance?

Once air enters the fuel lines it blocks the supply of the fuel which goes to various parts of the fuel injecting system. This is the reason the car engine won’t get the required amount of fuel which is needed. As a result, it loses power which causes bad damage to the car engine. It also affects the overall performance of FIS.

Better Car Performance

Are you ready to utilize your time and money?

The one of the main reasons of FIS bad performance is air locking. It is so very hard to remove the air from the fuel injectors once they are affected. This process requires lots of time, hard work and money, so one should avoid getting into such situation. You should take precautionary measures to stay out of it; few of the suggestions are listed below.

Precautionary Measures-

Following measures should be taken in order to avoid air locks.

  • Low fuel levels should be avoided

The main reason of air lock in your vehicles is having low fuel level. Running low on fuel can not only cause damage to your engine but also result in air locking. It may result in over heating the fuel pump of the car which reduces the life of your car engine. Ensure not to drive your car on low fuel level.

  • While servicing or replacing the FIS parts special care is needed

Make sure you properly tight the parts while fixing the FIS, tight them well. Do not leave them open, this way air can enter the fuel lines and will block them. Fill the fuel line first during changing the filter, otherwise air will get into the FIS and create problems.

If you want to make your car live longer and perform well, make sure you avoid air locking. It will not only damage the car engine but also result in loss of power. The only thing needed is proper care and taking the precautionary measures discussed above. All you have to do is act on them.


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