Acknowledging What Your Car Is Worth


When we talk about selling old cars, the number one question that most people ask if “How much should I sell my car for?” If you ask for my personal experience then I had to sell my car for cash. However, there are lots of people that search for prices in the Kelly blue book to get an idea about the prices so they can compare them later to get better response. You can also look up in the Kelly Blue book to make sure that the price you will set for your car will be suitable for it.

There are some people that get really surprised once they know what their car is worth and they find themselves wrong. The car seller will then post their car for sale on the internet and in the first week, he will receive so many calls. The following week, the buyer will drop the price down to $500 and receives a couple of phone calls but the callers do not seem to be interested in responding to them because they are not comfortable with the current price of the car.

This is not new, this happens almost every day to first-time car sellers who list their cars at the current Kelly Blue Book value. Some other times, lots of car sellers will price their cars well above the current book value and received absolutely no phone calls. There are lots of people that place higher values for their cars and that is mainly the reason why they get no sales.

Whatever the case may be, the simple fact is that the car is not selling at book value and is priced too high. You might ask yourself questions that why is it that my car will not sell according to the book value. However, there are lots of reasons for this, perhaps the most prevailing reason is that the free market dictates how much a particular item sells for. There is a huge explanation of how the free market works in determining the value according to the book.

The vehicle A is said to be for $12,000 online, vehicle B is similar to the vehicle A, it is posted online for $11,500 and vehicles C, which looks like both A and B is listed to be at $13,000. In this scenario cars A and B sell within two weeks while the C vehicle remains on the market two months later.

This is how it works, the cars that are less price get sold quickly. My personal experience was a bit difficult because it was the first time I had to sell my car and I did not know anything about it. But still, some people near me helped me out and I did it the right way. You need to make sure that you set the price of your car at a reasonable rate so that you can get a quick sale.