What 8 Features You Should Look for In a Car?


When we take a look at the past we will notice that the features which were considered new were power locks and windows. These features were considered deluxe. But now today these features are available in almost every car which makes people not realize the importance of a car to have power windows and locks. The mankind has been sacred with new technologies. Gadgets and goodies installed in cars of the next generations that are just fabulous.

Following are some 10 features that your car should have if you want to make your life easier:

  1. Keyless entry

It is compulsory for a car to have the keyless entry function. The way you enter into your car should be controlled by a remote system.  You can enter into your car by pushing the button on your remote system to open the doors. With this, you can easily get into your car without having any key.

  1. Telescoping steering wheel

Old models of cars got suitable steering wheels but some of the new models invented have got telescoping wheels that have electronically suitable pedals. These types of steering wheels provide the surety of safe position for drivers who unfortunately have short height and keeping their feet on the ground or pedal and keeping them away from the airbag.

  1. Anti-lock brakes (ABS)

Everyone knows that a turning wheel contains more friction than a skidding wheel. The anti-lock brake system (ABS) contains the feature of individual wheel speeds. For example, if someone accidently gets locked inside then these brakes are pressed faster than the usual speed. To get the brakes to do usual function, set your ABS system on the fritz.

  1. GPS navigation System

With the help of Global positioning system, you can find the correct location of places which you are searching for and helps you get there easier.

  1. DVD player on the rear seat

The DVD player on the rear seat is a very suitable feature for the people with busy lives or have kids.  With this feature, your kids can enjoy sitting in the backseat and you can easily drive on a road trip.

  1. Airbags on the side

There is always a three feet space present between the back of the seat and the front of the seat with a few inch safety.  The new models of cars have side airbags with cushion for you in the car so you don’t have to slide.

  1. OnStar system

A person who tries to work things manually always takes the time to catch up to people who are fond of doing things with technology.  The OnStar system features that give you updates on what is going on around.  It even has the ability to say hello or can tell you the position of your airbag.

  1. Skid control system or electronic stability

This function is of the ESC system which uses the sensors of the ABS system, steering wheel pedal sensors, and accelerometers to familiarize the thing that the driver wants and what the car wants.

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