5 Important Things to Keep in Mind before Purchasing a Second Hand Car


All of the second hand car buyers are very clever and they know how to make a sale. It is well known amongst all the motor dealers and car buyers that buying second hand things is advisable if you are looking to get a good deal these days. It is no doubt that buying a brand new car sounds nice and feel the new car smell can be a great experience, not only to buy but to sell also. There is a term that relates to how much your car was to buy and how much you can expect to sell it for to finance a new car or just to get some money, now this term is called depreciation.

There are lots of people that buy second hand cars or even older cars just because their prices are low but also when they come to replace it they should re-coup a fair percentage of this cost back.

However, when one decides to buy a second hand car, there are some questions that should be asked to the seller, and it does not matter whether the seller is a private one or from a dealership. Following are some questions that must be asked:

What is the reason behind selling this car? – This is the kind of question that must be asked to a private owner and this is a very important question. Who knows that they might sell your car to get a new one instead or they just want to get it off of their property? There could also be some hidden flaws in the car that is why the seller is advertising the car. It is important for a customer to ask these questions.

Does the seller have the service history of the car? – It is important for a dealer to have the pervious service history of the car to show to the customer. It is important for you to know about the service history of the car.

Does the car come with a guarantee? – The dealerships or private owners advertising cars tend to be offered a period of warranty cover for any problems, this is usually a good sign that you will be sure that the car you are about to buy is safe and it is reliable.

Does the second hand car buyer has an owner history? – If you are buying the car from the original owner means you are more likely to get a car with lower mileage and better cosmetic condition. This can be a huge selling point to know what kind of person was putting up with the car.