10 Features Your New Car Must Have


Looking back we come to know that the features such as power locks and windows were the new thing. Features like this in a car were the sign of luxury. But now these features are in every car making people forget if they ever had excitement to have a car with powered windows and locks. Technology has blessed the world with more gadgets and goodies installed up in the cars of the next generations that are jaw-dropping. Here are the ten features that your new car should definitely have to make your life easier:

  1. Keyless entry

The keyless entry feature in the car is a must-have. You need the ease to make the entry easy by having a remote system. This is done by pushing the button on a remote to open the doors. You can quickly get into your car without the need of a key safely.

  1. Anti-lock brakes (ABS)

A turning wheel contains more traction than a skidding one. The anti-lock brake systems (ABS) has got individual wheel speeds. If suddenly a person locks up when the brakes are pumped faster than the manual effort a human normally puts. When the ABS system goes on the fritz then the brakes do their normal function.

  1. Telescoping steering wheel

Almost every car has adjustable steering wheels while some of the new models released have got the telescoping wheels with electronically adjustable pedals. This type of steering wheel allows safety position for the drivers with a short height by keeping them away from the airbag and keeping their feet on the pedals comfortably.

  1. OnStar system

A real-life person or you can say someone that works only manually is always one step behind people who use technology more. The OnStar system can call on you to tell what’s going on. It can even say a hello or call you when your airbags deploy. Having a car with the OnStar system is totally worth it.

  1. DVD player on the rear seat

This feature is perfect for the people who have got kids. You can let your kids enjoy at the back seats while you are going on a road trip.

  1. Airbags on the side

Three feet of crush space on the back and front of a car is always present with a few inch protection. But in the new cars, the side airbags come along adding cushion for you in the car without sliding.

  1. Skid control system or electronic stability

The skid control system of the ESC system utilizes the sensors of the ABS system, steering wheel pedal sensors and accelerometers to recognize what the driver wants to do and what the car is doing.

  1. GPS navigation system

With the Global Positioning Satellite system and the car sensors, the GPS navigation system can point the exact location you are looking for which makes it easy for you to get places.

  1. Assistance for roadside

Whether it is a dead battery, a flat tire or gas shortage, the assistance for roadside feature adds in ease to the car owners. This is the part of the warranty that comes in the new cars.

  1. Power outlet

A power outlet on the center console is necessary for charging mobiles and helping in emergencies.

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